How to make the most of the Lenten Season


Lent is considered a time of prayer and fasting in the Catholic Church, typically marking the days of preparation leading up to Christ’s resurrection. During this period, the mood is reflective, with each person seeking a contrite heart as they prepare to commemorate Christ’s passion. Saint John Paul II would say, “Lent is a season of intense prayer, fasting, and concern for those in need. It offers all Christians an opportunity to prepare for Easter by serious discernment about their lives, with particular attention to the word of God which enlightens the daily journey of all who believe.”

How then do we maximize this season?

Reflect on Your Spiritual Journey: Take time for introspection and reflection on your spiritual life. Consider areas where you have grown and areas where you can deepen your relationship with God. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance as you navigate this journey.

Set Spiritual Goals: It is easy to approach Lent with a mindset of deprivation. To counter that, set positive and meaningful goals for yourself. Whether it’s dedicating more time to prayer, volunteering in your community, or cultivating virtues like patience and compassion, take part in activities that will nourish your soul.

Embrace the Sacrament of Reconciliation: The sacrament of reconciliation, or confession, is a powerful way to fully embrace Lent. Take advantage of this opportunity to seek forgiveness for past mistakes and nurture your relationship with God.

Practice Alms-giving: In addition to prayer and fasting, alms-giving is an integral aspect of Lent. Look for opportunities to serve those in need, whether through acts of charity, monetary donations, or volunteering your time and talents.

Participate in Lenten Observances: Attend Ash Wednesday Mass and receive ashes as a sign of penance and humility. Let this ritual serve as a reminder of our mortality and the need for repentance.


In the season of Lent, let us embrace the call to penance, prayer, and alms-giving. Through self-discipline and reflection, may we draw closer to the transformative love of Christ, preparing our hearts for the joy of Easter.


Article written by: Briege Mwangi

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