SI Graduate Spotlight: Hesky Omondi – To infinity… and beyond!


It’s often said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. For Strathmore graduate
Hesky Omondi, that first stride was taken in the quiet corners of Tenwek High School, where
whispers of academic prosperity at Strathmore University began to fill his dreams with visions of
donning a graduation cap and gown.

As a young and ambitious student, he listened intently as Strathmore University was recommended by
a member of the Strathmore staff Career Day visit at the Tenwek High School. With dreams
shimmering in his eyes, he clenched his resolve and heeded the guiding words: Work extra hard.
Fuelled by hard work and an unwavering resolve, Hesky aced his Kenya Certificate of Secondary
Education (KCSE) – a triumph that won him the golden ticket, a scholarship to Strathmore. No longer
a distant dream, Strathmore became his promising reality.

As he ventured into the intellectual world, he discovered his appetite for challenges. Although he was
somewhat overwhelmed by the complexities of Computer Science, especially Networking, and having
missed out on an undergraduate scholarship, he decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in information
Technology after his diploma.
Strathmore provided him more than just a platform for rigorous academics. He found his second
home in the rhythmic dribbles and echoing cheers of the basketball court – finding immense pleasure
in the spirit of the sport often evokes. Yet, it wasn't all about competition for Hesky. The joy of
sharing knowledge was equally rewarding -a philosophy he embodied in his memorable quote “You
don’t have to choose a market because of the market; be the best you can and then become the market.”
Amid lectures and layups, Hesky tasted another flavour of Strathmore life through his work-study
programme at the University’s Marketing and Admissions Office. As he traversed the vast Kenyan
terrain, advertising Strathmore to eager high school students, he discovered joy in sharing his
experiences and learning from the road.

Let’s not forget -the food!
Strathmore, according to Hesky, whips up the best culinary delights, serving literal brain fuels that
make every grinding study session a touch more savoury.

Hesky is bagging not just a diploma from Strathmore, but invaluable lessons in professionalism and
problem-solving. These were the jewels that significantly outshined the conventional knowledge
dispensed within classroom walls.
Within this whirlwind of enterprise, Hesky launched a venture that didn’t just metaphorically quench the entrepreneurial thirst but did so literally! He took upon the noble duty of hydrating his peers,
marketing bottles… not just any bottles, reusable water bottles.

Why water bottles, you ask?
They are reusable ones suitable for carrying around! Who isn’t haunted by a parched throat after an intensely productive day? Crafted to douse both the thirst and the flames of environmental guilt, these bottles transcend their roles as simple liquid containers. Why do I call them liquid containers? You can fill them with that green or lemon tea or the famous ‘dawa’ for your nearly husky throat!
As you go on with your day, carry the message that dreams, once pursued with gusto (and fueled with
good food), truly have no limit! To quote Buzz Lightyear, the fictional character from the Toy Story
franchise, “To infinity… and beyond!”


Article written by Keith Albert

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