Grit, sweat and championship dreams: Strathmore Leos defend their title at Embu 7s


After emerging as the victorious champions of  the #Embu7s Champions in the previous year, 2022, the Strathmore Leos Rugby team maintained their focus this year as they set out to defend their title. #Embu7s serves as a warm up tournament for the National 7s Circuit attracting various rugby teams across the country.

Determined to be in peak condition for the upcoming tournament and the National 7s Circuit, the team adhered to a rigorous training schedule. They embarked on intensive 5 am training sessions, post-work or post-class training, and Saturday morning boot camps under the guidance of their coach, Lous Kisia.

With this year’s Embu 7s set on 10th – 11th June 2023, the team, consisting of the Leos and Catullus (meaning Cub in Latin), accompanied by Coach Louis and the able technical bench, they journeyed to the two-day tournament at Njukiri Showground, fully prepared to take on the challenge.

A Showdown at the Showground!

“The Leos experienced a smooth ride on the first day of the tournament, conceding only one try from Kabarak University and remaining unbeaten in the pool stages. The teams in the pool against Leos were Kabete Stallions, Meru RFC and Kabarak University.  Similarly, the Catullus team were unbeaten in the pool stages, only conceding two tries. They played against Presbyterian University, Kenya Methodist University and Embu RFC.

Day two of the tournament required maximum focus, effort and teamwork from both teams as it was the knockout stage towards the coveted main cup trophy. The Leos team managed to beat the Northern Suburbs in the quarter finals (49 – 00), Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) University in the semi-finals (19 – 12)  and eventually whitewashing the Menengai Oilers in the finals (26 – 00). Barnabas Owuor, Nygel Patterson, Joseph Ayiro and Victor Odhiambo were some of the scorers in the final match against Menengai Oilers.

Although the Catulus team faced a setback by losing to the Menengai Oilers in the quarter finals, they regrouped, strategized, and won the remaining games including beating the Northern Suburbs (33 – 00) in the 5th Place Finals.

Updates on the team

We have some new additions to the team like Gabriel Ayimba, Nygel Patterson, Victor Odhiambo, Shem Okola and Levy Masigah. They come in for Festus Shiasi, Phillemon Olang and Patrick Kluivert who featured in the 2022 Circuit, while also contributing to Leo’s mantra of continuous learning (27!). Wiseman Aganya is back to the fold after missing out in the previous outing.

Furthermore, Brunson Madigu, George Ooro and Matoka Matoka are back to the team after fulfilling their international duties for the better part of the season.

Some positive developments; Daniel Kisakyamukama who underwent knee surgery, was seen in action in Embu bringing hope for the team and for the player as well.”

This article written by Barnabas Owuor, Captain, Strathmore Leos, and Jemmy Kamau. 

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