Graduate Spotlight: Nicholas Mwirabua Munyua – Two retakes in the same course!


What is wrong with me? I mean, I know this content and yet I cannot seem to get it right. Frustration from failing “Simulation & Modeling” had pitched a tent on my academic journey. Retaking it the fourth time was not an option. So I had to make changes on how I studied for it the third time. It was not easy as it increased my study load but I was on a mission to close that chapter.  It finally paid off since I have fully finished all my course work and couldn’t wait to hear the Dean call my name on graduation day. Here is a snippet of a tornadoes’ (Strathmore Handball team – Men) player.

Never a dull moment in sports

October, last year, I developed a serious injury that I brought to myself. It kept me out of the field for almost six months. That is what I got for participating in a very intense game when my body is exhausted. It was a thorough beating from our opponents – the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). I can only imagine what it is like to face them on their line of duty as they defend, protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country in an effort to restore peace and stability. That tournament was a flash reminder for me that our bodies are not machines and that rest is important for rejuvenation and recovery. One would think I should have known better since I have been playing handball since I was in form three at Kangaru Boys in Embu. It was here that my love for smacking the ball was nurtured and during an interschool friendly match that I was scouted by the tornadoes coach, Mr. Peter Mwathi.

Good things come to those who sweat smart

From my continued engagement at the field, I have come to appreciate that other than maintaining a healthy body weight, physical activities like sports helped improve my mood. Team sports offer me a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge. Here I get opportunities to connect with classmates, teammates and friends in a recreational setting. It is at the field that I get to reduce the stress of books. Academia has a way of bogging you down, from the lengthy afternoon lecturers, exams or impromptu CATs. But sports stimulated the production of endorphins, our natural mood lifters, and as a result helped me keep stress and depression at arm’s length. Over and above that, sports helped improve the quality of my sleep; how quickly I slept and how long I took a deep sleep, hence ensuring I get enough rest to start afresh the following day. It is my hope that you will identify that one physical activity that gets you moving.

Lastly, I have to say my achievement has been a joint effort, from family, classmates, staff and faculty. I truly wish to appreciate Mr. James Gikera for going the extra mile with me. You are my mentor but I believe we have been slowing developing a long life friendship. To all my team mates and coach, thank you for teaching me that losing is part of the game, but to always keep going and showing up for the next match because each offers new opportunities.


Nicholas graduated with a Bachelor of Business Information Technology (Second Class Honours, Upper Division) degree.


This article was written by Annete Karanja.

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