Graduate Spotlight: Nelima Simiyu – My journey of code and karate


“It’s truly remarkable how swiftly these four years in Strathmore University have passed by, marking the culmination of a structured chapter in my life. The realization hits home as I bid farewell to the familiar day-to-day class routines, CATs and assignments, the corridors of Strathmore University and all that this beautiful place offers. The freedom from alarms is a relief!

Reflecting on my time in the university; pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computer Science has been both enlightening and illuminating. Delving into the world of technology, from learning programming languages to exploring coding, has filled me with a sense of adventure and curiosity. Each new concept I encountered brought with it a renewed excitement. However, this journey was not without its challenges. I can vividly recall those moments of frustration and exhaustion, where I found myself staring at lines of code for hours on end, hoping that they would magically debug and resolve on their own. Wueeh… the intricacies of programming languages and the complexities of problem-solving often tested my patience.

Throughout my academic journey, I was fortunate to have extraordinary lecturers who I affectionately referred to as “mad geniuses”. Their brilliance operated on another level leaving me in awe. The likes of Mr. Obonyo, our instructor for Object Oriented Programming, whose immense passion for this unit was palpable. His teaching style made even the most complex concepts easy to digest, ensuring that we understood the material thoroughly. Then there was Dr. Lucy Ngina, our Calculus professor. Her unique blend of jovial and intellectual prowess made the classroom environment truly memorable. Not to mention Mr. Kevin Omondi who taught us consistently year after year, always leaving us eagerly anticipating his appearance in the next semester. They were amazing! These are just but a representation of the great brilliance that Strathmore offered us. Undoubtedly, these mad geniuses have played a significant role in shaping my academic journey as they inspired me to push boundaries, think critically, and embrace the challenges that come with pursuing excellence in the field of technology.

The bonds of friendship forged during my university years were invaluable and endearing. Amidst the demanding academic challenges and rigorous academic environment, we embraced the fact that each of us had our own strengths and weaknesses and leveraged the power of collaboration and established study groups that became pivotal to our achievements. Beyond the academic realm, our friendships flourished through shared experiences and countless memories. We celebrated triumphs, consoled each other during setbacks, and provided a comforting presence during moments of stress. We became more than just study partners; we became a close-knit circle and to an extent, a family. The anticipation of turning the tassel together on graduation day fills me with immense joy and gratitude.

Extracurricular activities = Karate

Have you ever developed curiosity about Martial Arts? Or were fascinated by the prowess of legends like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and others? When I joined Strathmore University in 2019, my interest in Karate was piqued. Walking past the dojo in STC, I would often catch a glimpse of individuals dressed in white attire with various colored belts throwing punches and kicks. A desire within me was ignited. I wanted to become a part of this team. I eagerly joined and embarked on an amazing journey. Ever since, Karate was an activity that held a special place in my heart. Every day, I looked forward to stepping into the dojo where I could leave behind the strains of academia and life. The  sessions were always refreshing. As the Captain of the Karate team, I had the privilege of leading a group of talented individuals, the Titans, whose teamwork and pursuit of excellence is one that I admire. From winning National Karate Championships, to being recognized as the best overall team in the NASOKUSA 2023, participating in the All African University Games in 2022… the list is endless. These achievements filled us with pride and motivated us to #KeepWinning.

In addition to Karate, I also took part in other extracurricular activities such as being a member of the Mental Health Club and the Strathmore University Media Group (SUMG). These clubs allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions, raise awareness about important issues, and contribute to the well-being of the university at large.

After graduation, Now what?

Have you ever seen the animated film “Finding Nemo”? There’s a memorable moment when the Tank Gang successfully helps Nemo escape from the dentist’s aquarium in search of his father. However, their triumph is short-lived as they find themselves floating the Sydney Harbor, in plastic bags on the water’s surface, prompting the blowfish to ask, “Now what?”

Just like the Tank gang in their plastic bags, I stand at the cusp of a new chapter in life.  I find myself grappling with the uncertainty of what lies ahead, asking questions like, “Am I truly prepared for the challenges that await me? How do I go about finding a job? Where do I envision myself living? Should I consider getting into graduate school?” A whirlwind of emotions swirls around this transitional period. Nonetheless, I hold onto a sense of determination and curiosity about what comes next.

I’m excited and eager to embark on my own path, ready to unlock my world.

This article was written by Jemmy Kamau.

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