Graduate spotlight; Michelle Angel – 4 years of exploring, growing and learning. It was worth it!


“4 années! Je suis content d’avoir terminé fort. Je m’appelle Michelle Angel et je suis diplômée!

Oops! Pardon me, French sometimes seems to come out so naturally.  I joined Strathmore University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BIS) in 2018.  This glorious four-year chapter of exploring, growing and learning has come to an astounding end. Looking back at the eventful years, I see immense growth and learning.

Many are the times that I would encounter roadblocks and huddles in my studies, and look at giving up as the easier option. The renowned Philosopher Aristotle once said the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. So I remained motivated by envisioning the end goal and what I wanted to achieve and focused on it. In those moments of wanting to give up, I affirmed myself a little bit more and appreciated the milestones I had made.  However, I could not have done it without my parents who have always been my biggest support system. A simple thank you would never suffice to express how exceptionally fortunate I am to have them.

Life at Strathmore

In my opinion, French has a BEAUTIFUL sound, like music to my ears. The mode of delivery and writing essays made French one of the most interesting classes. C’était incroyable! One major mark of my success and exciting achievement while studying French was to watch a French movie without subtitles and actually follow and enjoy it. Tanguy film was my first and favorite French movie.

On the flip side, I had not pursued History in High School, a subject that would have come in handy in my first year. While my classmates were very familiar with the Cold War and other historical events, I was left confused and uninformed. In my befuddled state, I often kept my phone close to google and kept myself updated. But before long, I got the hang of it. Not to mention the economics class that we took in the first year. That too was my least favorite as the math was just not mathing at all!

Loved the world of words

Happiness comes with inhaling the smell of a book. Just one whiff puts you in a happy place. It is one of the first steps of getting to know a new book, a step that cannot be skipped. Then the leap into different imaginary worlds! Armchair travel with no passport. I love reading thriller novels about serial killers or even watching movies or TV series made about them. Currently, I am reading the Dan Brown Series. His books are quite intriguing.

Next step

As the curtains close, I leave carrying a lot more around with me than just a shiny degree. I am grateful for the exposure and numerous opportunities for growth at SU. I look forward to what the future holds.

Michelle Angel graduates with a Second Class Upper; Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 

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