Graduate Spotlight: Clinton Wanjohi – School fees ya high school umeshindwa, ya Strathmore utaweza?


These were words I heard often from some of my classmates when I told them of my desire to join Strathmore University after finishing high school. But my Christian Union patron Mr. Elisha Njoka, continually gave me all the reasons why I needed to pursue that dream. His constant affirmations led to a friendship that has grown deeper to date. He says, “When you are passionate about something, giving in is not an option, but rather, let it be the fountain that never runs dry.” I was honoured to have him as the MC of my party after the graduation on 7th July, 2023.

A little background on where it all began

Participating in the Mathlete competition hosted at the University was my first ticket to visiting the institution. When I got to Strathmore, I was awed. The place was beautiful. Everything was where it should be. The people here were so friendly and the ambience, so conducive for learning. There was no way I was going to go elsewhere, I told  myself.  I became keen to inquire more about the process of being a student here.  Later, I learnt of a scholarship call for those that had met the guidelines listed and the rest is history. I got a full scholarship for my undergraduate  and chose to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Finance and Management Sciences option).

You said you had a great job that you had to quit, tell us more.

During my undergraduate studies, I got a great opportunity to work for Agility Logistics and later Urgent Cargo. While at the latter, I learnt of a graduate assistant position at the University that came with a perk of pursuing a Master’s degree. Hmmm! I did not have to think twice about it since while at the undergraduate level, my teaching skills were cultivated at Macheo where I volunteered as a Math tutor. My inner voice was calm and the desire to kick start the teaching journey was flaring up. I mean I was getting another chance to influence others by sharing the strengths I had.

Tell us more about Macheo?

In 2012, Strathmore University, under the Community Service Centre department instituted the Macheo Achievement Programme, an education and empowerment program for needy secondary school students. The students hail from the urban informal settlements of Nairobi, namely Kibera, Mukuru and Kangemi. Volunteers and mentors tutored all subjects. Through such activities, Macheo is continually reducing school drop-out rates. To learn more on how you can care for people through Macheo, reach out to Victoria Mwema, Macheo’s Program Coordinator at 

Fear of the unknown keeps many from seeking new opportunities. How do you do it?  

Having the freely given, unmerited favour and love of God (grace) reignites me. In addition, I have learnt I do not need it all to get started, sacrifices are a prerequisite for any greater rewards. Such rewards included travelling to Maintz University, Germany for our Master’s international module.  Being young allows me to take chances because I have the time and drive to keep sailing my boat. My past is evidence I can continually trust the unknown future to a known God. I now have a future in academia because I took a chance. Dear reader, are you missing out on opportunities?

 Well said Clinton!

Congratulations on achieving the Masters of Commerce. You have reminded us that grace and opportunity are there for all, it’s just how we choose to activate each that gets us to the next level.

Clinton Wanjohi graduated on July 7th 2023 and is currently a graduate assistant at the Strathmore University Business School.

This article was written by Annete Karanja.

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