From SU to the world: Using ICT to transform lives


Meet Enock Onsare, an alumnus of the Bachelor of Business Information Technology Class of 2009, taking Mynt technologies, a financial start-up, to the world.

Enock started his journey of creating systems back in 2008 when he was in his third year. He enjoyed Application programming for the internet, a course that motivated him to develop an e-commerce system for his final year project. It was then that he discovered how ICT can transform lives.

Fresh from campus, Enock was motivated to sore high and he started his career at Simply Green Worldwide as a Finance Assistant and later moved to Water Sector Trust Fund as an auditor.

He still held his dreams of transforming lives through information technology and began a start-up that saw him being sponsored to attend the University of Exeter to pursue a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Programme.

“My experience at the University of Exeter was quite good. I met people of different cultures and renowned professors,” says Enock.

Fast forward, the former BBIT student with a mission to leverage ICT to transform lives came up with a Fintech company idea in 2021 – Mynt Technologies, which he launched  in October 2022. Mynt technologies provides a platform that combines technology and finance to change lives. Mynt means source of money.

According to a World Bank report, The Global Findex Database of 2021, 1.4 billion people worldwide are unbanked. Enock, with Mynt technologies, is now able to tap into the unbanked market and provide solutions that transform lives.

To make it easy for the unbanked, Mynt technologies has provided a mobile-friendly application that can easily transform lives by:

  1. Offering financial services via digital channels. This means easy access
  2. Lending without collateral. This has been made possible by leveraging the SACCO model of lending
  1. Offering free financial advisory services to users for free

Mynt technologies has managed to onboard 10,000 users onto its platform, a majority of whom are small-scale farmers. Why the focus on small-scale farmers? “My mother was a farmer and she had difficulty accessing credit facilities hence I am looking to work more with small-scale farmers,” Enock responds.

The future looks bright for Enock, who has 11 employees in his startup company. This year, with the help of an acceleration program run by SRTSquared, they will set up in the United Kingdom and are expanding their services to the world.

“It was my discovery of creating systems while in 3rd year at Strathmore University that gave me a realization that I can use my knowledge of technology to transform lives. Strathmore gave me a chance to innovate.”


This article was written by Lynette Naisoi. 

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