From Kitchen Novices to Culinary Pros


Cooking is not merely a skill; it is an art infused with passion, creativity, and love. The recent graduation of students from Cohort II of the Culinary Arts and Personal Development Program marks a transformative journey of six weeks, where individuals evolved from kitchen apprentices to confident culinary experts.

As Helen Hayes famously remarked, “Expert at anything was once a beginner,” these participants began their journey uncertain but emerged with a profound sense of kitchen confidence, cohesion, and connection.

Throughout the program, students delved into a diverse array of theoretical and practical topics. From mental wellness and entrepreneurship to communication skills and culinary techniques, participants gained more than just culinary expertise. They evolved into adaptable team collaborators with heightened emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills, equipped for effective networking in professional environments.

The program’s impact was evident through various successes witnessed during the cohort’s tenure:

Skill Enhancement: Hands-on training and mentorship not only imparted culinary techniques but also fostered essential life skills such as teamwork, time management, and adaptability.

Career Advancement: By providing comprehensive, industry-relevant training, participants acquired the knowledge and credentials necessary to pursue diverse career paths within the hospitality sector.

Personal Growth: Beyond technical proficiency, the program nurtured holistic development. Learners were encouraged to explore creativity, build resilience, and adopt a growth mind-set, laying the foundation for enduring personal and professional success.

It is safe to say, the Culinary Arts and Personal Development Program holds immense promise as a pathway for skill enhancement, career advancement, and personal growth within the hospitality industry. We encourage more young adults, especially high school leavers, to embark on this transformative journey of upskilling. After all, every job offers opportunities to learn, connect with new people, and encounter fresh ideas.

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Article by: Ivy Wanyama, School of Tourism & Hospitality


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