Flachia Wangui’s Inspiring Accounting Journey


Accounting Genesis

Flachia’s accounting journey traces back to high school, where she vividly remembers her unwavering love for Business Paper 2. “My favorite paper in an exam was Business Paper 2. I was always eager to tackle my two ‘big’ questions, which I would score very highly.” Her implacable interest in accounting and astute demeanor would later land her a scholarship at Strathmore University to pursue her CPA in January 2012.

Upon admission to Strathmore University, Flachia seized the opportunity to fuel her burgeoning love for accounting. It was during her CPA studies at Strathmore that she met Dr. Jim Mcfie, her mentor, who later encouraged her to pursue her degree at Strathmore. According to Flachia, enrolling at Strathmore was a journey she deemed precarious; at that moment, it was more easily said than done. “When Dr. Mcfie recommended Strathmore University, I fell in love with the idea of pursuing my degree there, but I knew for sure that financially, it would be quite a formidable challenge.”

Confronting the skeptics, she applied for a scholarship to join Strathmore University as a full-time BCom student, and fate smiled upon her as she was accepted. Wangui’s adeptness in accounting and unparalleled determination made her stand out in class. She recalls her first internship experience while at Ernest and Martins Associates, which she undertook while still at Strathmore. One of the partners at the firm was impressed by her work and entrusted her with auditing tasks. This moment was indelible, boosting her confidence. “My first internship was a very salient moment for me in my career. While doing the tasks, I found myself overcoming challenges, which later boosted my confidence.”

Life After University

 Flachia admits that life has been a continuous journey of learning and unlearning. Following her graduation in 2016, she briefly worked in Kenya before transitioning to roles at PWC and PKF in Rwanda, primarily focusing on audit work. While in Rwanda, she found herself working in teams and gradually began leading them. The urgency to train young professional accountants grew within her, as she found immense joy in watching young professionals learn from her.

Wangui later joined PWC South Africa briefly before settling in Deloitte in London, where she currently works as an Assistant Manager. According to Flachia, being a Stratizen is a wholesome experience that shapes you as a well-rounded individual. “Being a Stratizen does not end after graduation, and even in London, we have a community where we come together every once in a while. This year, we have the Strathmore UK Alumni Chapter Meeting of Minds III event organized by Strathmore Alumni Association, something I really look forward to.”

Flachia’s overarching message to all Strathmore students is as simple as it is profound: “Being a Stratizen stays with you forever, so embrace it.” And to all fervent accounting students, she encourages them to relax, keep an open mind, and seize as many opportunities as they can.

Currently, Wangui has immersed herself in a journey full of adventure to satisfy her curiosity. Having been new to the UK, she embarked on a tour of Scotland, Northampton, and New Jersey. In the future, she hopes to return to Kenya, where she will visit Strathmore and perhaps engage with Stratizens?

Article written by: Gertrude Wachira, Alumni Relations Office

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