Finding my Footing: Jane Mich Awuor


Growing up, I was interested in pursuing medicine. I spent days on end watching medical drama television series. You can feel as if you’ve earned the right to be a doctor after being glued to all those episodes of the series. I picked up medical jargon: “a milligram of EPI” “Get him up to CT”… “Trauma two please…” Medicine was my destiny. I knew I wanted to save lives. I guess I was close enough…

Well, things did not go as planned. I did not live up to that dream. Instead, I pursued a Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Engineering.

You are probably wondering what the course entails. Allow me to give you a sneak peek. At its core, it is the management of money and assets in financial and capital markets ; making money so as to be financially stable. It is called business science for a reason – you solve  the problem using science as the technique.

Will I ever pursue medicine? Time will tell.  Maybe in another lifetime. Regardless, I am still on the path to helping people, although in a different field.

As a Stratizen…

I thoroughly enjoyed not only my course, but also the whole experience – the good and the bad –as a student at Strathmore University. I made lifelong friends, and met lecturers who were there for me in my academic journey. It has been amazing. I look back and I am amazed at how much time flies. I marvel at how much I have grown. I would probably write a book about  my experiences.

Luke 12.48…

I applied and got elected as the Vice President of the 12th Student Council. If you had asked me, in 2018, when I joined SU, if I saw the ‘future me’  as the Vice President, I would have laughed it off.

My tenure was an eye opening experience. I got the opportunity to interact with so many people within and without Strathmore University. Being a leader equated to responsibilities because to whom much is given, much is expected. Leadership taught me to be clear in what I stand for. It is about doing the right things and not doing things right. Doing the right thing is, however, hard.

As a leader, you do not get to complain. Your job description is to identify the issues arising and matters affecting the students and thereafter, solving those issues with workable solutions.

Truth be told, it was not a smooth sailing journey. Being part of the Student Council meant teamwork had to be at its “A” game. Dissent was inevitable. Despite all of our differences, we made sure to be effective as a team. While we differed in many respects, our main objective was to serve in the interest of the student body. We pushed one another when we needed to, but we were also supportive of  one another on the hardest of days.

Know exactly what you want to do with your life… You have one shot at it!

Do you remember what brought you to Strathmore? What is your purpose? What was your goal at the end of your four years pursuing that degree? I have found myself sitting at the gazebos pondering  those questions. I remember my first day stepping  into the University gates with clear goals in mind. To be intentional. To learn. And of course, to graduate.

My education was my first priority. Just like horses fitted with blinders to prevent them from being distracted during races and running off course, I put on mine and focused on the end goal. Pulling all-nighters to secure this degree became a norm. I worked hard and smart. I had no other business but to excel. No matter how hard it got, I reminded myself of what Dory told Marlin in the movie “Finding Nemo”: Just  keep swimming. Keep the faith and our eyes on the prize.

I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing which club I could join. I signed up for as many as I could but I learnt that there is something for everybody, but not everything is for everybody. Some clubs made me question where my purpose lies. Eventually, I found my purpose in AIESEC and I flourished. AIESEC bridged the gap between who I was then, and who I am today.

Do not take more than you can. True, there are many opportunities the world has to offer, but take what you can. Do not overfill your plate.

The future…

As I graduate this year, I look forward to what lies ahead of me.

I want the oceans and there is just not telling how far I will go.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 

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