Engineering Students on a Mission: Greening the Future



Try and do something, something ambitious even if you fail. Every time you try, you get better and better, and one day you’ll hit that jackpot.” ~ Dr. Vincent Ogutu, VC, Strathmore University.

Brian and Trevor, third year students pursuing Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, with a keen eye in Internet of Things (IoT) and fundamental technologies, pondered what sets them apart from other students and how they can make a meaningful impact on the world. 

The two crossed paths in a university classroom, where they discovered a shared interest in engineering and a passion for working on projects involving the Internet of Things (IoT). Their collaborative journey began when they decided to participate in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hackathon in 2022. The hackathon was sponsored jointly by AWS (a subsidiary of Amazon ecommerce platform) and Stanbic Bank . With determination and a dash of courage, they submitted their project proposal, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and emerged as the victors. This  eureka moment ignited their drive to create change. They realized that their combined strengths as engineering students, and proficiency in IoT and embedded systems held immense potential in addressing pressing issues, particularly those related to climate change.

Ideas Festival 2023: A Vision for a Greener Future

Last year, Brian and Trevor intended to participate in the Ideas Festival but they were thwarted by work assignments and a demanding schedule. However, they were determined not to miss the opportunity again. This year, they sprang into action, registered promptly, and worked tirelessly overnight to refine their idea, propelled by a desire to make a positive impact on the environment. 

Aligned with Strathmore’s 2023 theme, ‘Caring for People and Planet’🌍🌿, their project was centered around climate change, an emerging issue. Aptly named “Go Green”, the project presents an innovative solution. It provides  industrial factories with CO2 monitoring devices, coupled with a clean energy initiative platform designed to curtail emissions.  This comprehensive package includes the installation of necessary hardware, as well as a subscription service for energy analysis and carbon footprint reporting.

As we celebrate their journey and commitment to environmental sustainability, Brian and Trevor exemplify a fusion of innovative ideas and determined execution that can truly change the world. They remind us that ideas may be abundant, but it is the passionate pursuit of those ideas that transforms them into reality, making an indelible mark on society and the planet we call home.

If not now, then when?

Strathmore University is teeming with countless opportunities waiting to be seized. Don’t hesitate; take a chance on them! You never know how these opportunities might transform you into a better version of yourself.

Engaging with these opportunities allows you to acquire new skills, expand your network, and experience personal growth. It’s a chance to delve deeper into your interests and discover ways to excel in them. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and watch yourself evolve into a more capable and accomplished individual.


Brian Karuga and Trevor Osborne scooped the 1st runners up🏆in the 2023 Ideas Fest.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 

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