Embracing Peace and Healing Souls


Step into the world of “Shawry for mental health”. Unique individual whose friends affectionately call her Shawry for mental health. Though unconventional, her nickname speaks volumes about her mission and beliefs. In a society marked by stereotypes and misconceptions about mental health, she stands tall, advocating for peace and challenging the norms surrounding this crucial topic.

Mental health, as she defines it, is a state of being healthy in mind, finding inner peace within oneself and fostering harmonious connections with others. While many would assume that her  interest in mental health stems from personal experience or professional training, she  clarifies that she is neither a therapist nor a psychologist. Instead, she describes herself as a healer of souls, someone who listens, offers advice, and provides comfort and love.

Ironically, she has never sought therapy for herself, despite acknowledging her own battles with anxiety, fear and small traumas. Her self-belief has been her guiding light, a beacon of strength that has led her to rely on prayer as a means of tackling these challenges. She openly questions whether this approach is sufficient and invites readers to share their thoughts on alternative methods of healing.

In this quest for solace, she has explored various coping mechanisms. From alcohol and solitude to meditation and music, she has experimented with different avenues. Yet, she candidly admits that she too remains uncertain about the effectiveness of alcohol as a mental health treatment. While it may offer temporary relief, research cautions against relying on alcohol as a solution, as it can ultimately lead to destruction rather than healing.

As she delves deeper into the subject, she realizes that the nature of mental health remains elusive, often leaving her puzzled. The mercurial range of emotions she experiences happiness, sadness, strength, and tears. Only adds to her confusion. It is here that she again turns to  the society in seeking  wisdom and knowledge to enlighten her on the intricacies of mental health and its various aspects.

Rooted in her belief in happiness and peace, she is an advocate for embracing joy and seeking contentment. Her dreams of a world where mental health ceases to be a stigmatized issue. In a reality where depression crises and suicide rates persist, she ponders the possibility of an open, free dialogue surrounding mental health. She acknowledges the importance of others’ thoughts and perspectives.

Ultimately, she believes that as humans, we are not confined to mere survival; rather, we have the capacity to thrive and find fulfillment. She encourages others to seize the present moment, savoring life’s experiences without limits or constraints.

In this month of May, which is dedicated to mental health awareness, her unique perspective sparks curiosity and contemplation. Her journey reminds everyone that mental health encompasses an array of complexities, and there is much to learn and explore. We can collectively strive for a world that embraces mental health with open hearts and open minds.


This article was written by Rachael Wangui, a Communications student. 

What’s your story? We’d like to hear it. Contact us via communications@strathmore.edu

What’s your story? We’d like to hear it. Contact us via communications@strathmore.edu


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