SI Graduate Spotlight; Edward Muchiri – My CPA journey


When embarking on the search for the right educational institution to pursue your desired course, a multitude of factors often come into play. Proximity, cost, and quality of education are all crucial considerations, but the question that frequently lingers is, “What’s in it for me?”

For Edward Muchiri, the answer lay in the renowned reputation of Strathmore University. He first learned about Strathmore and its offerings, particularly the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) program, in 2021, and it sparked his interest. What drew Edward to apply for the course was the #StrathmorePromise of a high-value education and a #TransformativeStudentExperience.

What’s in a CPA’s tool box?

 “A lot of dedication, perseverance, and commitment.”

Edward began his journey while we were still in the heat of the pandemic when classes were conducted online. Despite the disruptions and all the tech challenges the pandemic posed, he was determined to study and get his CPA license.

“The learning experience was very enriching. From grasping the intricacies of financial statements and financial planning to delving into the realms of auditing and tax return analysis, the horizons of learning seemed limitless. I found value in units such as Legal Aspects, brilliantly taught by Elizabeth Mukira, which equipped me with the knowledge of how to apply legal principles and ensure compliance within an entity. It shed light on the interplay between the legal system and the realm of CPA. In addition, the cost accounting  unit was eye opening as it exposed me to the cost aspect of managing a business.

Taxation truly captured my interest, and the opportunity to delve deeper into this subject under the guidance of Mr. Vincent Ndoloka was an experience I will forever cherish. Mr. Ndoloka’s lectures went beyond being merely engaging; providing insights on how  taxation operates in the business world. What truly enriched his teaching was his emphasis on the ethical aspects of taxation, broadening our comprehension of the principles that underpin this field, where Ethics and Professionalism play a pivotal role. With the option to specialise in one or two units while pursuing CPA, I took Taxation and Auditing. 

The journey was not without challenges. Advanced Financial Reporting presented a significant academic challenge for me, leading to the need for a retake. Rather than viewing this as a disadvantage, I chose to see it as a valuable opportunity for a deeper understanding and skill enhancement. As I embraced this journey to master the complexities of financial reporting, I realized it was a transformative experience that extended beyond academics. With each obstacle, I not only honed my expertise but also grew as an individual. Today, I can boldly assert my proficiency in handling financial reporting.” 

Beyond academics

Edward, now a Senior Accountant at Freshmark Company, acknowledges the responsibility that comes with his role. He emphasises that demonstrating leadership and management skills is crucial for leaders. 

“While pursuing this course, particularly the leadership and management unit taught by Mr. Charles Mutisya, I gained valuable insights on how to develop the company, being effective leaders of change, and how to foster the growth and prosperity of the enterprise.”

#CPAKwaMfuko, what’s the next step?

I firmly believe in the saying, “Knowledge is power, but practice is even more powerful.” With my CPA in hand, I eagerly anticipate enhancing my professional skills, building valuable networks, and experiencing personal growth in the corporate world.

Completing this chapter of my life fills me with gratitude. 

This achievement is my tribute to my late father. I know he would be immensely proud of my accomplishments. I made it.”


Article Written by Jemmy M. Kamau

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