Dr. Isaac Rutenberg selected to sit on international data transfer expert council


Dr. Isaac Rutenberg, Senior Lecturer and Director, Centre for Intellectual Property and IT Law (CIPIT) has joined the international data transfer expert council launched by the UK government.

He is part of a world class 20-man team from civil society, academia and industry, with their experience covering a range of areas including patient healthcare, scientific research, artificial intelligence and finance. The council will assist the UK government in developing best practices and policy guidelines that balance various competing factors such as privacy, commerce, access to information, security.

“International Data Transfers” refers to personal data (i.e., data about individuals) is sent from a computer in one country to a computer in another country. This could happen internally within a single company (e.g., Facebook servers in the USA receive a photo that you upload in Kenya), between two companies (e.g., Facebook sells your personal data to another company), or between entities in the private and public sectors (e.g., a company buys or receives government data).

Dr. Rutenberg has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, a second Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics/Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines, and a PhD in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. He has a Juris Doctor – JD – from Santa Clara University. He is also an Associate Member of the Center for Law, Technology, and Society at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

For more information on his additional role, read here.

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