Cracking the Code: Damaris Wanjiru’s journey Through DBIT’s Mathematical Maze


In the world of ones and zeros, where algorithms dance and numbers speak, there exists a student who defied the odds, paving her path through the complexities of a Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT). Meet Damaris Wanjiru, who describes herself as a girl from a humble background, and the younger one of two siblings. She is set to don the gown, crossing the stage to receive her well-earned diploma. Her journey through the world of technology and business has been nothing short of remarkable. 

The Journey Begins: A Decision to Excel

“I joined Strathmore to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM), which I did for a semester and a half before realizing that inasmuch as my calling is to numbers, BCOM didn’t offer the sort of numbers I desired.” The numbers she thirsted for are the type that come in ones and zeros, or bits and bytes as the techies call them.

Her decision to transition from BCOM to DBIT got many of her friends and family wondering if she had made the right choice. She would soon also begin to question the decision. 

Cracking the Code: Damaris’ Odyssey Through DBIT’s Mathematical Maze

With dreams as big as the digital universe, Damaris joined her class, ready to conquer the world of tech and business. The journey took an unexpected turn when she encountered her first nemesis: Mathematics. “I’d always thought numbers were my friends, but here they seemed more like cryptic riddles,” she laughingly admitted. The calculus and statistics units appeared like dragons guarding a treasure chest.

But that wasn’t all; soon, she faced the challenges of programming. “Coding felt like trying to speak a new language fluently,” Damaris described. Debugging and algorithms became her daily quests, often leading to hours of head-scratching and ‘Eureka!’ moments.

Challenges Conquered: A Test of Resilience

“Practise makes perfect. At first when I enrolled, I told myself I was incapable of doing Math or IT, but from the outcome, I’d say I am capable, ” she proudly said. She has been consistently  practicing, and  continues to do so, even as she embarks on her  second year pursuing a Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT).

“I owe a lot to my lecturers, especially Mr. Jude Mido, our Java lecturer,  who made Java very friendly and easy to understand,” she discloses, full of gratitude. Talking of Java, Damaris confides in me that she loves her coffee, I wonder loudly, “What is it with techies and coffee …”.  She is quick to point out that even though her home town Limuru is well known for tea, her mom loves coffee. It seems that the seed doesn’t fall too far from the tree after all 😁.

As the semesters passed, Damaris faced more math problems and coding challenges. Yet, she persevered, armed with determination and Mr.Mido’s wisdom. “Each challenge was a stepping stone,” she said, “and I learned that success often hides behind adversity.” Good work Mr. Mido, yours seems to be Mida’s touch.

Her time at the University was not all about textbooks and assignments. She cherishes moments spent at the benches between the library and the medical center, earphones plugged in listening to her favorite song “Our Process” by Lady Zamar, not to mention the memories made with friends along the way. 

Her Strathmore experiences not only enriched her life but also provided valuable lessons that extend beyond the classroom, “Every journey has a beginning and an end. Without God, there can be no beginning and no end. This is the biggest lesson I have learned along the way,” she says, smiling.

The Future Awaits

Today, Damaris stands on the cusp of graduation, a shining example of how perseverance can transform challenges into triumphs. “I’m excited to apply my newfound knowledge in the real world,” she said, a gleam of anticipation in her eyes.

She says that if her time doing DBIT was a movie, it would be titled “My Journey 2.0” and Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” would be starring in it. “My journey has needed me to be strong mentally and physically, just like the Rock.” “And if my Diploma could talk, it would say “I am proud of you.” This, coming from a DBIT graduate who danced with numbers and wrestled with code, and who studies best while watching Netflix, is quite a fitting end to my conversation with her.

As she embarks on her next adventure, we’re sure Damaris Wanjiru will continue to crack the code of success, one line of code at a time.


Article Written by Brian Kiprotich

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