Be inquisitive, be more – Esther Mwende


Remember the spark of excitement when we step into something new? When our hearts pound with anticipation, a tiny voice in us whispers, ‘Your journey begins here.’ Esther Mwende experienced this intoxicating rush at the age of 20. She had enrolled for a diploma in Business Information Technology, not knowing what her course in Strathmore would entail. 

Fast forward some laps around the sun. Esther’s about to graduate. Like an odyssey reaching its glorious closure, her academic journey is nearing its finale – a tale of resilience, growth, and, most , self-discovery. Esther’s euphoria at this point is like a radiant dawn erasing her tunnel’s darkness. Joy, immense pride, and sweet relief; it’s a well-earned victory.

Fast forward to the present, and our Esther is standing taller, diploma in hand, hair blowing in that proverbial wind of success we often hear about. She jests that she has finally found that elusive light at the end of the tunnel. Who doesn’t love good old self-deprecating humor in times of achievement?

Now, let’s talk about campus life. Strathmore didn’t offer Esther an ID card and some lecture theaters. It unveiled a galaxy of opportunities under its brand. She turned curiosity into a lifestyle and allowed herself to dive into a whirlpool of activities. Debates were on the table until other commitments played party poopers. 

Esther’s fondness for Strathmore manifests itself in her praises, reaffirming that it is indeed a ‘haven of opportunities.’ What’s the catch, you ask? Be inquisitive, she instructs, and grab those opportunities by their collars. That’s a direct quote, we swear! 

When school and obligations took a backseat, Esther bathed in the joys of her hobbies. In the quiet moments, she busied herself with creative challenges, conjured beauty with flowers, and delved into the world of words and rhythms, allowing them to colour her breaks.

As she bids farewell to this significant chapter, she pauses. Like a backstage artist giving the final touch, she raises a toast, sending love and gratitude to her pillars of support – her parents and course admins.

And guess what? There’s an encore! She’s enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in business information technology, proving that her academic symphony is far from over.

A memory that shines like a disco ball in her Strathmore chronicles is the Nviiri and Bennsoul concert. Such episodes don’t bookmark memories; they craft the narrative of her Strathmore ballad, orchestrating a melody as unique as Esther herself. And so, her exhilarating dance with destiny continues, adorned with bytes and beats. 


This article was written by Keith Albert.

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