Balancing Books, Leadership and Hockey: The Journey of Jessica Mutheu Healy


Jessica Mutheu Healy’s journey through Strathmore University is a compelling narrative of determination, community, and the pursuit of justice. As she steps into the next chapter of her life, her story serves as an inspiration to all who seek to balance academic excellence with personal passions.

In the bustling corridors of Strathmore University, where future leaders and innovators are moulded, Jessica Mutheu Healy has stood out not just as a diligent law student but as a multifaceted individual whose 4-year journey is both inspiring and extraordinary. With an unyielding spirit and a passion for justice, Jessica’s story is a testament to the power of ambition, resilience, and community.

From an early age, Jessica’s path seemed destined for greatness.  “I like to describe myself as an energetic, highly driven, and self-confident individual who does not shy away from a challenge,” she says. This innate drive was the catalyst for her decision to pursue a degree in Law, a choice rooted in a strong sense of social justice.

 “I wanted to study something that would enable me to understand my society and its issues better and how I can positively impact other people.” Consequently, choosing Strathmore University was a calculated decision. The university’s reputation for academic excellence and its nurturing environment played a significant role. 

“It was important for me to be in an environment that would support me wholly as an individual who wanted to excel in academics, participate in leadership, and continue playing sports,” she explains.

Jessica’s academic journey at Strathmore has been nothing short of intense. Her father aptly describes it as “full-on,” a reflection of her relentless pursuit of excellence. Highlights of her time include making the Dean’s list, attending insightful lectures by influential figures, and the joy of returning to physical classes after the pandemic. Yet, like any journey worth embarking on, it came with its challenges. “Balancing academics and sports, commuting from home, and missing out on family activities were some of the hurdles I had to overcome,” she recounts.

Among her proudest academic achievements is a group project for her Law of Succession unit. Conducted in her home village of Kwa-Vonza, Kitui County, the project involved educating community members about succession laws, blending her academic prowess with cultural roots. “Despite the huge language barrier and distance, we achieved the objectives and I connected with my culture much more deeply,” she reflects. Jessica’s dissertation on anti-doping legislation, influenced by her athletic background, stands as another testament to her ability to merge her passions with her academic pursuits. “It was a brilliant piece of work that was necessary given that there is very little academic work on this within our Kenyan context.”

Support from lecturers and faculty members at Strathmore has been instrumental in her success. Mentorship from individuals like Carol Kiilu and flexible, understanding lecturers have allowed her to thrive academically while continuing her athletic commitments. “I felt very supported,” she says, emphasizing the personalized attention and opportunities for extra credit that helped her excel.

Extracurricular activities have also played a pivotal role in Jessica’s development. As a member of the Ladies’ Hockey Team and a leader in the Student Council, she learned invaluable lessons—patience, discipline, and teamwork. “These experiences taught me a lot about respecting other people’ ideas and appreciating various strengths and weaknesses, revealing plenty about my own temperament.”

Her internships at the Judiciary and law firms have provided practical insights into the Kenyan legal system, reinforcing her resolve to contribute positively to the profession. “These experiences taught me the hidden realities of the legal system and got me thinking about how we, as the new generation of lawyers, can work to improve it,” she states.

As Jessica prepares to graduate and relocate to Europe to further her legal studies, she looks back on her time at Strathmore with a mix of pride and nostalgia. She offers sage advice to incoming students: “Make friends who share your values and interests. These are the people who will support you through the tough times and celebrate your achievements with you.” Balancing her academic responsibilities with personal life and hobbies has been a matter of meticulous planning. “I kept a planner to help me work around my schedules and priorities, and a journal to keep myself accountable,” she reveals.

In the end, it is the friendships and connections she forged that Jessica holds dearest. “Finding my people and watching our friendship grow into something incredibly special had a significant impact on me,” she says, giving a heartfelt shout-out to her friends Selina and Amelia.

Article written by: Stephen Wakhu

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