Arvinder Singh’s Journey of Growth and Discovery at Strathmore University


Arvinder Singh Nota, soon-to-be graduate from Strathmore University with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) degree, describes his academic journey as a thrilling ride filled with moments of discovery, growth, and inspiration. “Specializing in finance and marketing while delving into accounting, entrepreneurship, and human resources, I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of commerce that fuels my passion for this field,” an passionate Arvinder says.

My experience has been exceptionally rewarding. The university’s vibrant atmosphere and various amenities including the well-equipped library, and an enticing cafeteria, along with other modern campus facilities not only provided a conducive learning environment but also enhanced the social experience.

Additionally, the BCOM degree was a robust and comprehensive curriculum that not only covered a wide range of academic topics but also encapsulated practical units such as Maisha (life-skills unit), service-based learning, and work-based learning which offered a strong academic foundation. Furthermore, from the stimulating and insightful classroom discussions to networking opportunities with industry experts. Every interaction has been a stepping stone toward my personal and professional growth. The university’s emphasis on holistic development also encouraged me to explore diverse interests by joining a few clubs such as the art club, and marketing club, among others. Despite the brevity, I discovered valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

Reminiscing about the highlights from his time at Strathmore University, Arvinder places  friendships, knowledge gained, and personal growth experienced at the top of the list. One of the standout moments of my university life was participating in the ACCA Strategic Business Leader Inter-University Challenge alongside three peers and a mentor. Despite not making it to the finals, the experience was a highlight of my university life. It was exhilarating, providing invaluable lessons that extended far beyond the competition itself.

The challenge taught me the importance of teamwork, strategic thinking, and adaptability in dynamic scenarios. Collaborating with my peers and mentor, each bringing unique perspectives and strengths to the table, was a true testament to the power of collective effort. We faced complex business situations, requiring us to analyze, strategize, and present solutions. While the competition was fierce, the journey was immensely rewarding, leaving a lasting impact on my approach to challenges in both academic and professional setups.

Beyond the competition, my university life was enriched by a variety of other experiences. The art club’s paint and sip sessions provided a creative outlet, allowing me to unwind and explore my artistic side. Hiking adventures with friends not only kept me physically active but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and exploration of nature’s beauty. Additionally, attending academic gala ceremonies was a celebration of hard work, reinforcing the value of dedication and perseverance in achieving goals.

The experiences, along with many others, have shaped my university journey into a wholesome and memorable one. They have not only contributed to my personal growth but have also equipped me with valuable skills and perspectives that I will carry forward into my future endeavors. As I await graduation, I look back on these moments with gratitude, recognizing them as pillars of my university experience that have prepared me for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Outside my studies, I enjoy playing badminton, doing art, cycling, hiking, engaging in community service, etc. These activities not only provide a balance to my academic pursuits but also allow me to explore my creative side and cultivate skills such as teamwork, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities, among others. Hence, enriching my personal growth and development.

Outside the realm of academia, I occasionally engage in community service initiatives, dedicating my time and skills to create a positive impact on society. Additionally, during my free time, I indulge in painting, photography, and somewhat explore graphic design. These creative pursuits serve as a form of self-expression and a means to scout my artistic side as well. As I continue to grow and evolve, I remain committed to striking a balance between my academic pursuits and personal interests, knowing that each plays a crucial role in shaping my identity and fulfilling my aspirations.

As I embark on the next chapter, my goal is to continue learning and growing, both professionally and personally. Whether it’s pursuing further education or diving into the corporate world, I am eager to embrace new challenges and opportunities with the same zeal that has defined my journey thus far.

In conclusion, my time at Strathmore University has been nothing short of transformative. It has not only equipped me with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the corporate space but has also instilled in me the values of lifelong learning and collegiality. I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead, and I am grateful for the foundation that Strathmore University has provided me.

Article written by:  Arvinder Nota

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