Are life-changing emails lying in your spam folder?


More often than not, and unfortunately, some of the emails that we receive go to our spam folder. We tend to inadvertently overlook checking them while valid emails lie there unread. In September 2021, I applied for an internship opportunity at the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) in Italy. After a month or so of waiting, I randomly checked my spam folder and saw that I had been shortlisted. Sometimes I ponder and ask myself: what if I hadn’t not check my spam folder? What an amazing opportunity that would have passed me by! The interview process was quite smooth and I was hopeful that I would get this opportunity. The daunting wait to hear back from the organization began and the emotional rollercoaster of  battling with self doubt on whether or not I did well in my interview set in.

Fast forward. February 1st came and I scrolled through my emails and I chanced to check my spam folder. There it was!! “Internship offer” Oh, the joy!  Before I knew it was off to Italy to work as a Legal Intern undertaking research on bank insolvency.

Flash back to my campus life and my journey as a Law School student. Of course, like most freshers, I went through the first year jitters, getting a bit lost while trying to figure out where classes in STMB are or being unsure of how to approach lectures for consultation, or even how to make friends. Then transitioning to second year, when I somewhat settled down and acclimatized to my surroundings having learnt how to cope and navigate life in Strathmore. As expected the workload increased and assignments piled up. Then came the third and fourth year. I juggled between my dissertation, assignment, searching for judicial attachment placements, working at Kenya Law and trying to maintain a high GPA.

Most law students opine that the hardest part of Law School is the study part itself. I beg to differ slightly believing that any challenge is surmountable depending on how you view and deal with what comes your way. Cultivating a mindset and overall outlook that fosters resilience when the pressure is getting wesser, will help you overcome any challenges.

In my first year, I was awarded the Best Female First year in the inaugural C.B Madan Awards. This award was sponsored by Iseme, Kamau and Maema Advocates who were the only firm giving awards to first years. This indeed gave me the impetus to keep the momentum to work hard and achieve excellence.

Each year, I had at least one class that I enjoyed; Constitutional law, Administrative law, International Criminal law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. I knew nothing about the Law when entering university, but when I took these classes, I fell in love. I thrived in not only the content but also how the classes were delivered. We were able to deeply interact with material and interrogate basic ideas at such an early stage which was invaluable.

Mooting and winning

The 2021 Strathmore International Criminal Law Moot Court Competition was my first shot at mooting. A platform for law students to improve and develop advocating skills, debating skills and ultimately boost one’s courage to face the bench and present advanced legal arguments. Considering that I signed up to participate in this moot while I was in my fourth year of law school was a risk in itself.  Juggling between classes, writing my dissertation, my internship at Kenya Law and practice sessions in preparation for the Moot with my partner, Elvis Cosmos. Not to mention life. The days leading to the D-day were quite demanding, but it took a lot of sacrifice and learning time management.

My best highlight was getting an opportunity to present before Ambassador Valentin Zwelleger – Swiss Embassy; Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch-Former Vice President of the ICC and Serge Brammertz – Chief Prosecutor among other High Level experts in the International Criminal Law field. It was ineffable. And the cherry on the cake was scooping the runners’ up position and the best prosecution memorial team alongside Elvis.

Irreplaceable mentors

There’s nothing better than finding a mentor that teaches you how to embrace and make the most of your innate talents and personality and brings out the best in you. Since first year, I have had the privilege to work with and be mentored by Cecil Abungu, a lecturer at SLS. He has definitely helped me hone my style and build my confidence. His words of advice encouraged me and the exposure to numerous opportunities propelled me to unlock my potential and excel.

With an interest in Research, I joined Law centers such as Law Clinic, Strathmore Centre for Law and Policy (SCLP), Strathmore Extractives Industry Centre (SEIP), and Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre (SDRC).

Currently, I am enrolled in a Fellowship at Ilina undertaking research that looks into the legal and regulatory framework underpinning animal welfare in Kenya. Additionally, I am one of the founders and current President of the Young Arbiters Society- Strathmore, a club that is focused on alternative dispute resolution. Our vision is to promote knowledge about ADR among students from very early on in their school journey and ultimately the general public as well. The ultimate goal is to enhance access to justice for all persons notwithstanding their status, race, nationality, background, gender or financial status

While you read about me, a word of advice: do make sure you get yourself enrolled in extra- curricular activities. Using one’s free time to learn a skill or two and #GrowWithSU is a plus. ALso not letting those opportunities pass by as they are propellant to greatness. The commonly perceived narrative that extracurricular activities take much time can be dispelled in the light of the benefits in the end.

I graduated with First Class Honors bringing to an amazing end to an exhilarating journey. I look forward to my next step in life. Pursuing a Masters is not certain as all I am certain of is hope for a bright future.


Nduta Muhindi – Strathmore Law School#ClassOf2022.


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau.

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