Alumni Spotlight: Clara Rincuni – A powerful CV is a key ingredient to a successful career

Who is Clara?

Clara Rincuni is a communicator and marketer with a niche in digital communication.

Tell us about your career journey

My career began way back in 2013 when I joined Strathmore University as a Bachelor of Business and Information Technology student. During the holidays, my parents encouraged me to do something that will help me progress in my career. In the first year, I got a data entry opportunity at Safaricom PLC under the aegis of AIESEC, a club that I had joined when I was on campus.

In my second year, my love for writing drove me to join Kwani Trust, a publishing firm. I got to edit written materials and became exposed to managing the firm’s social media pages.

In my third year, I was determined to look for information technology related opportunities, and my sister suggested that I try looking for an opportunity at advertising agencies. This was the first time I had heard of advertising agencies. I was eager to try, and I was fortunate enough to be offered a position with Brand 2D. I was assigned the position of community manager, which required me to create material and administer social media profiles. This opportunity blew my mind, and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for because it combined two of my passions: technology and writing.

Clara (right) speaking at Social Media Week


In my fourth year on campus, I set out to pursue an opportunity in the advertising business due to my previous exposure. I kept applying for opportunities until I got one at Bean Interactive where I worked for four years as a community manager before moving to strategic communications. In my fourth year at Bean Interactive, I was able to pursue my Master’s Degree in Communications at Daystar University because I felt the desire to expand my knowledge.

In 2021, I felt I had grown enough in my career path to venture into consultation. It was a risk but hey, I was still young so I could always give it a shot. I was fortunate to work as a consultant with NRG media for six months where I collaborated with a team to develop and launch a mobile application.

I still felt compelled to challenge myself and grow more. In January 2022, I stepped away from NRG. I took the time to re-strategize and began applying for jobs but I was unable to find what I desired.

It is at this point that I thought of Esther Kinuthia, a friend from campus. I admired her spirit as she was eager to do more in order to position herself for greatness. Therefore, without hesitation, I reached out to her. She had assisted my friend in revamping her CV which had enabled her to get a job. Esther said to me, “I can assist you to edit your CV in a way that can help you sell yourself.”

Esther gave me a template that I followed keenly, and it was able to communicate succinctly my skills and competencies. All this was done on her platform KOREE. You can check it out.

I now had a powerful CV which was armor in my job hunt.

Clara at World Food Programme (WFP)















I focused on the UN agencies and guess what? In March 2022, the World Food Programme, a UN agency, called me for an interview which I passed! I was informed that in two weeks’ time, I needed to report to the head office in Rome, Italy. Despite the short notice, I made it there. I work in communications, marketing, and knowledge management. Although I work remotely, thanks to the new normal, I enjoy each day of work.

How was your Strathmore experience? 

While at Strathmore, I felt I was held in high regard and treated as one would a professional. This elevated my learning experience. I was able to carry with me the positive and character building experiences to the workplace which ultimately fueled my growth.


This article was written by Lynette Naisoi.

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