Accolades & Applause – The 2022 SI Graduation


There comes a time in your life, between getting your first job and seeing your first child off to uni, that graduation does not seem like such a big deal. Let alone a graduation for diplomas and professional courses. But the truth is, graduation is a HUGE deal. For the graduates who have worked hard (be it 2 years or 5), for the parents who are seeing their first, fourth or even seventh child graduate, and for the educators and administrators who work hard behind the scenes for years. Every graduation is a cause for celebration and the 2022 SI graduation was no different.

We gathered together bright and early on the morning of 22nd November, 2022 for the annual graduation ceremony of the Strathmore Institute of Management and Technology (SI). SI is the technical wing of Strathmore University that houses the combined Technical & Vocational Education Training courses as offered by the University and professional bodies respectively. Strathmore Institute offers six diplomas and seven professional courses. In the years since it transitioned from School of Accountancy to Strathmore Institute, which was registered by TVET Authority in 2017, to today, the Strathmore Institute has celebrated many milestones. This year, they received global accolades for ACCA, CPA and CIM students, brought on numerous industry partners and speakers, organized an international trip for more hands-on experience and to finish off on a high note; graduated a total of 564 students.

A key theme throughout the celebration was the combined effort it takes to graduate a student. The academic guidance provided by lecturers and mentors and the support of parents, guardians and sponsors. Not forgetting the hard work of the graduates. This year’s Valedictorian, Assumpta Mwikali, spoke on the learning journey, one that has been marked by the Covid-19 pandemic for many recent graduates. “As any other path offered by life, it has not been a smooth ride. Amidst our traversal along this path, some sections have been slippery, threatening to sabotage our arrival at the destination by veering us off-course”. She encouraged fellow graduates to carry forth all the experiences gained and use them to guide their subsequent steps as well as those of their successors.

Becoming an active part of history

Assumpta’s sentiments were echoed repeatedly in the speeches by the Principal of SI – Angelica Kiboro, the Vice Chancellor and the chief guest of the day; Phyllis Migwi, Country General Manager, Microsoft Kenya. While some take graduation as an opportunity to reminisce on days passed, she took the chance to forecast the graduates’ futures. “Today is the day you make that decision to be a part of history – not just a spectator, but an active part of history”. She emphasized the need to upskill and learn continuously, without ever losing sight of where your values lie.

“Be the generation that will build the solutions that we have not even started to imagine”. ~ Phyllis Migwi.

The Strathmore Institute is a center of practical learning. Students leave with the technical know-how that many degree holders learn on the job. SI, when it was still SOA, was the first place Vice Chancellor Dr. Ogutu learnt lessons on professionalism. It was the first place he worked. You could feel this experience, and many others in his life that have taught him the importance of lifelong learning as he said “Education doesn’t stop after you graduate from college. It doesn’t stop after you finish your MBA or PhD. Knowledge acquisition is a moral duty as through continuous learning, we can add to the vast knowledge of mankind”. It was a clarion call to all gathered.

In loving memory

Though a joyous occasion, this graduation ceremony carried the underlying sombre note of those who had lost one dear to them. Jeremy Mwendwa Munyao was remembered by teachers and classmates alike as he graduated posthumously with a Diploma in Business Management. He was honoured with a moment of silence as he was awarded the diploma and recognized for his outstanding performance.

Accolades and Applause 

The anticipated moment finally arrived as the graduates heard their names called out, stood and were awarded their diplomas and professional certifications. The congregation clapped till their palms began to itch and the occasional ululations could be heard from parents and guardians. This is the heart of every graduation ceremony and you could see the joy radiating from each face. And when the celebratory music played, the congregation danced with joy.

Of special significance was the performance of Luke Amolo Ayieko, who while pursuing an engineering degree, undertook the CPA course here at Strathmore. He sat the exams, and emerged position one worldwide in the Financial Reporting paper of the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) examinations.

He was joined by many other students who were top in Kenya and ranked highly worldwide.


We celebrate the SI Class of 2022 and look ahead to their journeys as they make their marks on history.



This article was written by Celia Kinuthia. 

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