A Winning Combination: Rebecca Nasambu’s Path in Sports and Supply Chain Excellence


She writes with clarity. She plays with passion. And she thinks with foresight. 

Rebecca Nasambu is a third-year Bachelor of  Supply Chain Management (BSCM) student at Strathmore Business School who is making waves in the sports and logistics industries. Recently, she won the prestigious 2024 Kühne Foundation essay contest.

Her journey began with a click of a Hockey YouTube video in Class 7. Little did she know that the sport she discovered online would lead her to Strathmore University on a sports scholarship. Her extraordinary skill on the pitch with the Strathmore hockey team did not go unnoticed for long. Soon, Rebecca caught the sharp eye of the national hockey team scouts, earning her a place on the team and marking the start of a promising athletic career. But Rebecca’s talents extend far beyond the hockey pitch. Early this year, she embraced a new challenge: competing in the Kühne Foundation essay contest. This contest, which invites young people to present their ideas on reducing the carbon emissions from the global goods supply chain, attracts participants from universities worldwide.

She attacked it with the same zeal she shows in a close game. Juggling a rigorous industrial attachment, Rebecca burned the midnight oil, she researched extensively and poured her heart into the project. In just two weeks, she had crafted a masterpiece.

Rebecca’s hard work paid off in a big way: she won the prestigious Kühne Foundation essay contest. Her essay advocates for sustainable logistics in the global supply chain, emphasizing the urgent need for the logistics industry to join the fight against climate change. This issue is critical, as the World Economic Forum reports that the global supply chain significantly contributes to the global carbon footprint, accounting for approximately 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

This victory opened doors to the inaugural UN Global Supply Chain Forum held in June in Barbados. On this stage, industry leaders convened to tackle this teething issue. It is here that Rebecca, now more than ever, understood the power of her voice. “Winning the essay,” she reflects, “and my subsequent trip to Barbados were significant opportunities for me to lobby and network for a sustainable supply chain.” “I believe that Sustainability is the future of supply chain,” she emphasizes, her voice ringing with conviction. 

At the forum, Rebecca didn’t just absorb knowledge. She engaged, questioned, and networked. She seized every chance to deepen her understanding and influence. “What I learned there was invaluable. It’s one thing to study theories in class, but it’s another to discuss real-world applications with those who are leading the charge toward a sustainable future,” she reflects.

Her story isn’t just about the smooth flow of goods; it’s also about the swift glide of a hockey stick. Inspired by Hockey legend Maddy H, Rebecca set her sights high. She hopes to become a legendary hockey goalkeeper. “I’m not far,” she muses, “but I’m approaching there.” When asked about her future plans, Rebecca’s eyes sparkle with excitement. “I want to continue pushing boundaries in both sports and supply chain management,” she declares. 

Article written by: Keith Albert

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