The Straticision – 15th Student Council Elected



On Friday 8th September, the Strathmore University student body came together to elect the 15th Student Council.

The weeks leading up to elections were marked with campaigns from the various candidates, each vying for the votes of their fellow students. From physical posters tacked to the elevator notice board, to fun and creative TikTok campaign videos, each candidate put their best foot forward.

As the campaign season came to a close, those vying were given a final opportunity to highlight their manifestos and pitch their propositions to the voters. The student council debates were as thought provoking and heated as any political debate. Candidates representing each position vehemently defended their claim to student leadership, and with their closing remarks left it up to the voters.

Days to the election, the portal was opened for a simulation cum mock election to ensure all systems were running smoothly and the college of voters had a good grasp of the platform. On the morning of elections, the portal was opened bright and early, and within the three hour window of 9:00am and 12:00 noon, students cast their votes for their future leaders. While the voters had their lunch, and the candidates waited with bated breath, the votes were tallied and the results announced.

We introduce to you the elect members of the 15th Strathmore University Student Council;

Chairperson – Franklin Mochengo

Vice Chairperson – Shivam Raval

Secretary General – Kennedy Wangari

Finance Rep – Dennis Masika Sifuna

Public Relations – Shama Ali

Male Academic Rep – Ally Mohamed

Female Academic Rep – Sumeiya Abdulle

Male Sports Rep – Edwin Makori

Female Sports Rep – Jessica Healy

As the stratizens usher in a new season of leadership, we recognize and appreciate the outgoing Student Council leaders, who over the past year, and under the guidance of the chairperson Ted Iha, have introduced initiatives and carried forward the legacy of the student leaders that came before them.

We wish the incoming Student Council the very best as they embark on this journey of transformative leadership.


This article was written by Celia Kinuthia. 

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