Ms. Okello-Orlale is a highly acclaimed communication, media and gender expert who finds interest in creating Africa narrative through Data storytelling. Currently, she is the Director- Africa Media Hub, Strathmore University Business School, whose mission is to increase expert knowledge among the business and finance journalists in the coverage of critical issues related to the global economy and business using data visualization.


She has worked with key partners to make Strathmore University set a landmark precedent by becoming the only University in Africa hosting Data for over 5 Countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, and Sierra Leone) dating back 17 years under the African Regional Data Cube (ARDC) – including food systems related data. She has a long personal history in analyses/ reporting on food security and climate change issues. She is also in the Advisory Board of the Strathmore Data Analytics Centre (SADAC). Previously, she was a Program Officer with the Ford Foundation Eastern African Office on Civic Engagement and Government; Creativity and Free Expression and Advancing Public Service Media Initiative. She has supported the media sphere as a platform to give voice and visibility to marginalized people and the transformation of the alternative media into a critical voice of civil society.


She is also a Founder of African Woman and Child Feature Service- a Media NGO where she served as the Executive Director. She has also served as the First Secretary of the Kenya Editor’s Guild and Africa Editor’s Forum. She is also a founder member of the Kenya Media Council.