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The SU student is always on a journey. Whether in first year while transitioning to university life and trying to find their feet. Or in second or third year writing papers, preparing for cats, exams and presentations, trying to keep up with readings and assignments. Or fourth year trying to figure out their final year projects and weighing in on potential career paths to follow after graduation.

At whatever point they are, there is need for them to surround themselves with people who can motivate, support and challenge them. And that’s where mentors come in.

Mentoring is a supportive, professional relationship that develops over time. Being in a university means that the SU student is surrounded by professional mentors. And that is why in every new intake, the new students get assigned mentors. The beginning of the mentoring relationship starts with the Meet Your Mentor School Excursions where the new students get to formally meet the mentors from their school. This takes place in an environment away from the lecture theaters, where mentors and mentees take part in several activities that help them bond and share a meal, just generally getting to know one another.

But coming together is just the beginning, and meaningful relationships require time and effort to grow. Thus mentees are advised to reach out to their mentors at least thrice every semester to continue the mentoring relationship.

The SU student also receives more mentorship support through the Campus Chronicles. These are a series of interactive sessions organized and planned by student interns working at the Mentoring Services Department. The sessions are on topical issues that are of interest to the students in an effort to enhance the students wellbeing. Some of the topics that are tackled include: friendships, relationships, money and peer pressure.

Mentoring Awareness Week takes place once every year in October under the unifying theme of Strathmore Mentoring Families. The main objective for awareness week is to create greater cohesion between a mentor and all his/her mentees, and encourage the mentees to interact with one another. This year’s Mentoring Awareness Week takes place from the 17 th – 19 th October. Below are the activities planned for the Mentoring Families, please take note and make sure your mentoring family participates.