MBA – Healthcare Management (MBA-HCM)

The healthcare industry is one of the most diverse and dynamic industries in the world.

Access to healthcare, on the other hand, is a right under many constitutions around the world, Kenya and East Africa included, and indeed its effective provision is dependent on the existence of the proactive policy and legislative framework, infrastructure, demographics, epidemiological factors among others.

Its efficient provision is however more dependent on the size and quality of its healthcare workforce.

Whereas there is a lack of frontline and specialist medical personnel, there is an attendant lack of a professional class of healthcare managers.

Indeed many National Health Sector Strategic Plans recognize weak management systems as one of the factors contributing to the decline of the health status of their populations.

  • The program aims to equip managers with relevant skills for leading and managing the various facets and challenges that confront professional hospital and clinic managers, managers of NGO and faith-based health providers, and professionals in the emerging insurance, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

  • Students who graduate with an MBA in Healthcare Management will have the academic grounding needed to move throughout health-related industries at different junctures of their career, and more importantly, will have life-long skills to respond to the fundamental changes that characterize African health care.

- Academic Credentials - Copy of Undergraduate degree and transcripts

- Two Reference Letters (one professional and one academic/personal)

- Three Passport photos

- Copy of National Identification Card/Passport

- Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)

- Application fee (Kshs. 5,000)

Upon receipt and review, a Graduate Entrance Exam (GEE) and oral interview will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Successful completion of these will result in an offer letter being issued to you.

To submit your application online visit with the documents (soft copy) listed on the Admission requirements section.

Application forms are available at the SBS office or can be downloaded from

Send the completed application form with documents (soft copy) listed on the Admission requirements section to

You may also drop your fully completed application form at our offices in Madaraka, Ole Sangale Road, Nairobi.

Specialists and managers who are pursuing a career in health services management and who wish to acquire or enhance their professional skills.

By the end of the course, the students will have gained a firm understanding of current management concepts and be able to:

- Critically assess health systems and health care structures in terms of their processes, functionalities, etc

- Apply core principles of management in the healthcare setting

- Derive an ethics framework or critically assess the ethical situation inherent in any set of circumstances in healthcare management;

- Operate within prevailing legal frameworks in healthcare and critically assess existing policy and potential new policy;

- Conceive and design research protocols and other studies that will provide insight into best practices and the measurement of outcomes of managerial strategies

- Build a personal and professional network with like-minded professionals

The programme aims to equip managers with relevant skills for leading and managing the various facets and challenges in healthcare delivery.

The programme will run for 6 semesters over a 30 month period. The total course loading will be eighteen (18) course units plus a dissertation.

An applicant who for any reason is unable to take up the offer of admission will be required to inform the Programme Manager in writing on mbahemmarketing@strathmore.

This information should reach the Manager at least one week prior to the date of commencing classes.

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