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Master of Arts in Diplomacy, Intelligence and Security (MDIS)

Why study Master of Arts in Diplomacy, Intelligence and Security (MDIS)

This programme has an overarching rationale: that it is important and crucial for programmes of this kind to be relevant and contemporary, and address solutions to the core problems and challenges of the day.

Besides this, the programme is informed by other needs. It is designed to meet the emerging challenges in diplomacy, security and intelligence, and to highlight how the three can work together in the pursuit of national interest and security.


Specifically the aim is to offer a course on Diplomacy, Security and Intelligence that:

  1. Is informed by contemporary realities nationally, regionally and internationally;
  2. Reflects current trends in these areas of study and practice;
  3. Equips practitioners with the most current theories, contemporary skills and advanced analytical tools necessary for a complex operational milieu;
  4. Allows practitioners to engage actively in decision making while weighing factually alternative policies.

Why Strathmore University?

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Strathmore shapes global leaders for tomorrow. Our market-oriented courses, industry linkages and opportunities outside the classroom, provide positive career outcomes for our students in their chosen fields.


Strathmore University has a mentoring system in which one-on-one sessions between mentor and student aim to bring the integration of knowledge, skills and values down to the personal level.

Our Graduates

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Strathmore provides global exposure to students through international academic trips to expand their knowledge.

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