Fostering Decarbonization Pathways in Tanzania Using The 2050 Carbon Calculator

Lessons learned from the Kenya Carbon Emissions Reduction Tool

Over 75 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions are attributed to fossil fuels. Energy production generates the majority of greenhouse gases. To reduce the impact of climate change, emissions, need to be halved and reach net zero by 2050. To achieve this, we need to end our overreliance on fossil fuels and invest in clean, accessible, affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy.


In 2022, Kenya developed the KCERT 2050 Calculator, an interactive energy model that helps governments plan their low-carbon transition in an interactive, stakeholder-focused, and evidence-based way. Using the calculator, Kenyan policymakers, decision-makers, and administrators have access to Kenya-based solutions that are open-source, trusted, and transparent.


This webinar is targeted at policymakers, academia, and the private sector in the energy space.


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