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Amazing Reception at  Strathmore

I come from Rwanda from a place called Chimiroma.I joined Strathmore University early this year after completing high school in Lycee de Kigali. I first heard about Strathmore through friends who studied here.I did some research and eventually chose Strathmore because it was a leading accounting institution in East Africa offering accounting.

The buildings I saw when I first set foot in Strathmore stunned me.They were way beyond what I expected. I was particularly impressed by the well-stocked library and ample learning facilities that enabled me to do my research. I also found the lecturers to be very engaging and willing to assist students.

I am pretty much at home here.I have discovered other foreign students whom we share classes with. My class has foreign students from Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia and India. I have picked up a few Kiswahili words from them such as “natakakuenda” library which in English means I want to go to the library. Strathmore has also taught me to speak English fluently.

Strathmore offers co-curricular activities which allow students to develop their talents and become all round. For instance, I play football for the university team. Being a member of the football club has enriched my experience in Strathmore.


Strathmore, a Home Away from Home

Wu Xiao Qin, Chinese, ACCA Student

I am currently pursuing an accounting course (ACCA). I relocated to Kenya three years ago as a native of China’s Jiangxi province. While in the country I had to adjust to the ways of Kenyans and even learn English.

In December last year, I made up my mind to study accounting after a friend of mine advised me to do so. My desire to study ACCA locally set me on a path of searching for a local institution where I could enrol for the course. During my search, I stumbled upon Strathmore University’s website whose information stated that it is the best institution in East Africa offering ACCA.But what really endeared me to Strathmore was the warmth and reception I got when I made enquiries about the possibility of enrolling for the course.

My initial months in Strathmore were not easy. In class, I struggled to cope with accounting concepts that were taught in English. However, my lecturers realised this and they decided to help me out. After classes, I would approach them and they would explain to me what I didn’t understand. During my stay in Strathmore, I have made friends. These friends have been my rock and pillar. Most of these friends are my classmates. Whenever I don’t understand certain concepts, I have shoulders to lean on. I am not a stranger to Kenyan cuisine. My favourite dish at the institutions cafeteria: is without doubt chapati. To this day, whenever the waitresses see me approaching they know what order to expect.

With slightly over a year to the end of my accounting course, I will definitely miss Strathmore when I complete my studies. To me, Strathmore is a home away from home.


Strathmore Alumnus, Eddy’s Journey

Eddy Charles Iragi,


BA Telecommunications


Eddy is from Bukavu city in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and it was his first time to set foot in the country after finishing high school.

Eddy’s thirst for quality education in a serious institution is what prompted him to join Strathmore. During the initial stages in the country, the soft-spoken student was faced with several challenges. First, he had to contend with the foreign culture of Kenyans. However, the biggest challenge he faced was the language barrier having come from a French-speaking country. It was only a matter of time before is resoluteness enabled him to fit in.

Looking back, Eddy was glad that he made the choice to join Strathmore. The university shaped him to be who he is today. He did not regret his decision to work hard in class either. His efforts paid off as he worked as a Consultant in the Strathmore Energy Research Centre. He managed the Strathmore solar system with his main area of focus being renewable energy. Eddy is currently working as a Managing Director and Co-founder at Fortin Limited.


Strathmore’s Quality of Education Stood Out


Natasha Muhoza


Pursuing Bachelor of Laws Degree

I chose Strathmore because it struck me as a university where I could get quality education without having to travel far away from home. Strathmore is a school that has such character and stands for the things I believe in such as excellence, hard work and ethics. With all that, I knew that Strathmore was the best place for me.So far, the benefit to me of studying in Strathmore University to me has been the all-round experience of getting to know, interact with and understand different people from different walks of life. In fact, at the end of each semester I feel significant growth in my mind as well as personal experience.

Strathmore has really broadened my perspective because it opens us up to opportunities such as conferences that bring industry experts to come and talk to us. This has opened my mind to what education is, that it is not all about academics. Therefore, I feel that I have been able to gain so much more in Strathmore.

One of the experiences I am looking forward to during my third year is going for an academic trip to the Netherlands. Strathmore Law School (SLS) organizes an annual trip for 3rd year students to go to the Netherlands and visit the ICC and other courts as way of learning and immersing ourselves in the field of international law.I would encourage anyone who is looking for quality education to come to Strathmore because we no longer have to think of quality education as being millions of miles away from our home. I think Strathmore provides that depth of education within the African context.