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Every year since 2016, we celebrate our history and heritage through the annual campus-wide event, during which we immerse ourselves deeply into the teachings of St. Josemaría. To mark the occasion, the University usually holds a series of events involving students, staff, faculty, trustees, alumni, and friends.

Theme – Freedom and Responsibility: Do you drink … Responsibly?

When we hear the word freedom, a life free of restrictions quickly comes to mind. Freedom is largely understood by the world as denoting autonomy, fun, lack of fear, and a bliss that properly fulfills the phrase – YOLO – you only live once. However, in practice, freedom cannot be viewed as an independent concept, since it is complemented by responsibility. But does the inclusion of responsibility shackle the fun and enjoyment that comes from the notion of freedom?  Does it limit our ability to make choices in all our actions?

The use of alcohol in today’s modern society (among rural and urban folk) has been equated with freedom, fun and excitement. Its prevalent use  in all facets of our social occasions confirms its acceptance; in family gatherings, in social get-togethers and even in corporate organisations.

Notably, but not surprising, we continue to witness an increasing abuse of alcohol. This comes as a result of separation of the freedom to drink, from responsibility whilst partaking in it. The consequences of this phenomena are prevalent, and many families are now grappling with alcoholism among fathers, mothers, and the young generation as well.

This year’s Founder’s Week affords us an opportunity to introspect and seek answers in the use of freedom and responsibility in regard to the use of alcohol.

Our Founder, St. Josemaria always emphasized the use of freedom and responsibility in all spheres of life. He strongly  advocated for freedom, and was categorical that true freedom can only be achieved if one chooses to do what is right and true, and if this freedom is at the service of others.

Founder’s Week schedule of activities