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Founders Day 2019


Strathmore University has a unique history stretching to pre-independent Kenya, when different communities were segregated. Inspired by St Josemaria’s message of working together towards the same aim, despite differences in opinion, tastes and backgrounds, Strathmore started as the first multi-racial A-Level college in the country in 1961.

During the 2019 Strathmore Founder’s Week, we will celebrate our history and heritage. The celebration is part of a tradition that started in 2016. Through the annual campus-wide event, we acquaint ourselves more deeply with the teachings of St. Josemaría. To mark the occasion, the University will hold a series of events involving students, staff, faculty, trustees, alumni and friends.

2019 Theme: Called to Greatness – The Virtue of Magnanimity 

As St. Josemaría Escrivá put it, “magnanimity means greatness of spirit, a largeness of heart wherein many can find refuge. Magnanimity gives us the energy to break out of ourselves and be prepared to undertake generous tasks which will be of benefit to all… The magnanimous person devotes all his strength, unstintingly, to what is worthwhile. As a result, he is capable of giving himself. He is not content with merely giving. He gives his very self. He thus comes to understand that the greatest expression of magnanimity consists in giving oneself to God.” (Friends of God, 80)

In Virtuous Leadership, renowned author Alexandre Havard, writes that “magnanimity and humility go hand in hand… the magnanimous impulse to embark on great endeavors should always be joined to the detachment that stems from humility, which allows one to perceive God in all things. Man’s exaltation must always be accompanied by abasement before God. Magnanimity without humility is not magnanimity at all. It is self-betrayal and can easily lead to personal calamities of one kind or another.”

The theme challenges us all to be generous, by giving our time and possessions, to those in our family and community. Magnanimity can be lived by everyone, always, and in all kinds of situations. A student, for instance, can offer to study with a colleague who needs particular help. A member of faculty could strive to be available to her students for a few extra minutes. An administrator might assiduously apply himself to resolving an exceptionally difficult circumstance.

By making small and constant efforts to live out this theme, we will turn out better, kinder and accommodative of others. We will give without counting the cost or expecting anything in return, for the sake of the other and for the glory of God.


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