Global Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summit (GDSAI)

Global Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summit (GDSAI)

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The Data Science Unit @iLab Africa Research and Innovation Centre, in collaboration with Key Sponsors and Data Science-driven industry partners, will hold the 2nd Global Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summit (GDSAI) on 9th –10th November 2023 at Strathmore University.

The summit is set to delve on topics such as Agritech, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Finance, Climate Change, Data Protection and many more.

The summit will discuss engaging topics, such as:

1. Data Protection and Governance in the AI Era:

This session will explore essential factors and approaches to ensuring the ethical utilization of data and artificial intelligence in all sectors in Kenya.

2. Banking and Financial Services:  

Theme:Customer Segmentation and Targeting with Big Data, Big Data Analytics for Credit Risk Assessment, Fraud Detection and Prevention, and its Future with AI: 

How banks and financial institutions are capitalizing on utilizing big data to categorize their customer base into distinct segments based on various attributes like demographics, behavior, and preferences, and how they leverage big data analytics to assess the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses seeking loans or credit facilities.

3. Enhancing Education with AI and Big Data 

Theme:Intelligent Tutoring Systems Pros and Cons, Personalized Learning with AI and Big Data: 

How AI and big data are leveraged to customize education experiences for individual learners.

4. Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture:

A Panel Discussion to delve into the adoption of modern technologies Such as Precision Agriculture, IoT Devices, and AI-Driven Analytics to optimize resource use, increase yields, and enhance farm efficiency.

5. Transforming Healthcare with AI and Big Data:

How Healthcare Organizations are Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Enhance Healthcare Delivery, Outcomes, and Efficiency, for example, using Predictive Analytics and Preventive Care.

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2023-11-09 @ 09:00 AM to
2023-11-10 @ 04:00 PM

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