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Strathmore College was started in 1961 as an Advanced-level Sixth Form College offering Science and Arts subjects by a group of professionals, who formed a charitable Educational Trust (now the Strathmore Educational Trust). Strathmore College was the first in Pre-independence Kenya to accommodate all races, religions and social standing. Saint Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei, inspired and encouraged them to start the College.

In March 1966, the first intake of Accountancy students, twenty-five in number, joined the Sixth Form students and began preparing for the examinations of the UK-based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). These first Accountancy students were sponsored by Shell East Africa, BAT (East Africa) and the East African Breweries. At this time Strathmore College was unique as a fully integrated post-Form 4 institution offering both academic and professional courses.

The Early Years of Strathmore University

Davis Mulumba, (1961), hard at work in one of the Strathmore College classrooms.

Chris Kirubi, a well known Kenyan entrepreneur, is a graduate of Strathmore College, in the 1960s.

The first members of staff of Strathmore College, from left: David Sperling, Jeremy White, Kevin O’Byrne, Colm Stanley, Michael Bennett and David Hogg.

The students of the School of Accountancy at Strathmore College in 1967.

Hakeem Folami (middle), the First Nigerian Accountancy student at Strathmore College.

Mr. J. Hurley, a qualified Accountant from England, checks the work of Accountancy students, all of whom are African.

Prof. David Sperling, Strathmore College’s founding principal.

Taita Towett, Minister of Education, 1969-1979, gives a speech at the launch of the School of Accountancy in 1970.

A group of Accountancy students at the Strathmore College campus in Lavington.

First Graduation for SOA

Charles Kanjama holds the microphone steady for Dr. James McFie. Dr. McFie is a former Director of the Strathmore School of Accountancy (SOA).

Elizabeth Masiga, the first woman Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, hands out certificates to the SOA graduands.

Elizabeth Masiga is introduced to Prof. Sperling while on a tour of the Strathmore College facilities.

Strathmore University Milestones

Dedication of the Chapel, Phase one, 1994

Maurice Cardinal Otunga was the main celebrant during the dedication of the Chapel in 1994.

Maurice Cardinal Otunga blesses an office located in Strathmore College.

Fr. Paul Mimbi, Fr. Albert Pampillon and Msgr. Joseph Duran.

Launch of Madaraka Campus by President Moi in 1994

President Moi tours the university chapel. He is accompanied by the late Fr. Albert Pampillon and Dr. Charles Sotz.

Official Launch of Madaraka Campus by President Moi in 1994.

President Moi plants a tree to commemorate the launch of the Madaraka campus in 1994.

Vice Chancellor Introduction

The Commission for Higher Education (now Commission for University Education) awarded Strathmore a Letter of Interim Authority to operate a university and offer the flagship undergraduate programmes in Commerce and Information Technology.

University Secretary, Dr. Charles Sotz, giving a speech during the VCs introduction in May 2003.

Vice Chancellor with Prof. David Sperling, then DVC, Planning and Development (2003).

Vice Chancellor, Prof.John Odhiambo, gives an introductory speech during his introduction in May 2003.

Strathmore at 50

Cake cutting ceremony at the Strathmore @50 celebrations in 2011. Strathmore College was started in 1961 as an Advanced-Level college.

From R to L – SU VC, Prof. John Odhiambo, Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Kenneth Marende, Luis Borrallo and Dr. Edward Mungai.

Strathmore University Chaplain, Fr. John Paul Maldonado leads in the prayers of the dedication of the new Strathmore University Student Centre. July 9, 2011.

Strathmore University Personalities

Dr. James McFie speaking at an MIT-Africa Online graduation in 2001. He is currently the Director of Strathmore School of Accountancy, where he has also served as a Lecturer since 1978.

Prof David Sperling, Strathmore College’s founding principal.“It wasn’t an easy thing to start an interracial college,” Prof Sperling recalls.

Prof. Terry Ryan, first chairperson of the Strathmore University Council.

Vincent Ogutu, Deputy Principal of Strathmore School, 1996-2006.

Buildings and Grounds

Bare grounds surrounding phase one

Bare land surrounding Ole Sangale Campus – before construction.

Garden next to Chapel – now a foot path that leads to exam office.

Overview of Phase One – front section.

Overview of Phase One showing bare land that will house the Student Centre, Sir Thomas More, Management Science building, and the library, all on Keri Campus.

Photo shows overview of Ole Sangale Campus. Siwaka estate can be spotted – south west – and Hima Gardens further north.

Physical Planning Act, 1996. A notice showing the change of user from residential to educational institution was necessary so as to allow Strathmore College occupy its current premises.

evolution of computer labs

Computers that were in use back in the 90s. Strathmore University now ensures that every student has a laptop to facilitate study.

Opening of Phase 2

Plaque showing the date the library, auditorium and residence were officially opened.

Prof. Terry Ryan, Chairman of the University Council, takes the VP, Hon Moody Awori on a tour of the library.

The Vice President of Kenya, Moody Awori, VC, John Odhiambo and DVC Prof. Sperling.

The Vice President of Kenya, Moody Awori,giving the main speech during the official opening of the library, auditorium and Keri residence on October 29, 2004

The Vice President of Kenya, Moody Awori, officially opens the auditorium

The Vice President of Kenya, Moody Awori, signs the visitors’ book as the VC, John Odhiambo and DVC, Academic Affairs, Prof. Florence Oloo look on


Strathmore University’s third bus. It was indeed a joy to ride in it.

Strathmore’s minibus. It was renowned for its speed.


Charles Kanjama holds the microphone steady for Dr. James McFie.

Elizabeth Masiga hands out certificates to the SOA graduands. Elizabeth Masiga, the first woman Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Education.She was the chief guest during the 1997 School of Accountancy graduation ceremony.

Elizabeth Masiga is introduced to Prof. Sperling while on a tour of the college facilities before the 1997 SOA graduation ceremony. Charles Sotz and Dr. George Njenga look on.

Strathmore School of Accountancy graduates during the 1990s, at the Ole Sangale campus car park, which served as the graduation grounds.

A graduation held on July 24, 1998.

Students who were awarded the IMIS Gold Medal in 1999.

Kianda College students graduation. Strathmore College merged with Kianda College (an institution founded in 1961 for women) and moved to the present campus.

Archbishop A. Muheria, Fr. Albert P., first Pro-Chancellor of Strathmore University and Prof. John Odhiambo, SU VC before the 2005 graduation ceremony.

Archbishop Ndingi Mwana’a Nzeki at the 2005 graduation.

Visits by Prominent Personalities

Charles Njonjo addresses the student body at Strathmore College in 1967 when he was Attorney General. Peter McDermott, the Vice Principal, is behind Njonjo.

George Njenga introduces Baroness Lynda Chalker to Margaret Roche during a visit by the Baroness to the university.

Luis Borrallo, Director of Advancement, with Richard Leakey, Kenyan anthropologist and conservationist.

Visit to Strathmore College by Tom Mboya, Kenyan Cabinet Minister in the 1960s.

Visit by President Daniel Arap Moi for the 25th Anniversary in 1986 of Strathmore College at the Lavington Campus.


An intense game of hockey.

Impala 6-a-side Tournament, 2003.

Never forget the 1967 rugby team.

The winning spirit was there from the beginning.

Who doesn’t enjoy a game of basketball?

A tug of war… and the ladies look like they have it!

Alumni Events

Strathmore University alumni on a tour of the construction site of Keri residence on October 29, 2004, months before the construction was completed.

Dr. George Njenga speaking during the first School of Accountancy (SOA) alumni gathering in 2006.

Community Outreach

One of the university’s key strategic pillars is service to society. The Community Service Centre was started in 2006 and works towards fulfilling this pillar.
In all its work, COP emphasizes student and staff participation with the aim of equipping them for a lifetime of outreach and volunteerism.
Within this context, the University is keen to engage its students and staff in volunteer projects that expose them to the realities of the community and make them agents of change in their communities.

Moody Awori and Prof. John Odhiambo during a prisons outreach program.

Strathmore University presents donations following a fire in Mukuru Slums (2004).

Martyn Drakard, watches as one of the students from Toi Primary School uses a computer donated by Strathmore University (2006).

The Choir Sings Through the Years

The Strathmore College choir participates in a choir competition held at the Village Market in 1999.

Fr. Albert Pampillon with the Strathmore College choir.

Strathmore College choir.