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Who is SADAC?

Strathmore Africa Data Analytics Center (SADAC) is a professional services firm offering data driven corporate solutions in order to achieve a competitive advantage for our clients. We also offer individual and corporate trainings that equip our students with a practical and comprehensive understanding of the Data Science field.

Why Data Science for Businesses?

The increased application of Data Science across industries has proven that the skill is an insurmountable resource in running a business in the 21st century. Data Science enables a business to obtain actionable insight from their day-to-day activities thus enabling them to make informed strategic moves. Business implementing data-driven solutions have reported improved efficiency, enhanced profits and lower costs, spurred by the implementation of Data Science tools and algorithms.


We curate new pathways for research that enable African Businesses to harness the data revolution for the benefit of society.


To pioneer data-driven solutions for African businesses in order to foster development in Africa.


We aim to cultivate human capital in the fields of Research, Finance, Data Science and Business Journalism.


Strathmore Africa Data Analytics Center (SADAC) is a professional services firm offering data driven corporate solutions to achieve a competitive advantage for our clients. We also offer individual and corporate trainings that equip our students with a practical and comprehensive understanding of the Data Science field.

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Our Services


We Provide Detailed And Thorough Analytical Solutions That Enhance The Growth Of Your Business.


We Offer High Quality Trainings That Equip Our Students With Practical And Cutting Edge Skills Relevant For The Data Science Profession.


We Offer Research Services Across Diverse Fields To Provide Insightful And Actionable Information Geared To Grow Your Business.

Our News

Strathmore partners with University of Bristol to improve African rural data science skills

Strathmore University, through its Research and Innovation Centre @ilabAfrica last week entered into an agreement with University of Bristol-Jean Golding Institute in UK in ...


Turning data, knowledge to actions, solutions through science

Data science can be described as the art of covering insights and trends in data for purposes of further interpretation and analysis to get more ...


Equipping employees with the right skills – The Safaricom Digital Academy

The cyber security team @iLabAfrica-Strathmore University will train 19 employees from Safaricom as part of cohort two in this years Digital Academy program. The ...


Dashboards by Industry

Our Team

Dr Joseph Sevilla

Director - @iLabAfrica

Mr Ben Roberts

Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer - Liquid Telecom

Mr Philip Tigo

Director for Africa at Thunderbird School of Global Management

Dr John Olukuru


Joseph Theuri

Lead Data Scientist

Dr. John Olukuru ,PhD

Head of Data Science and Analytics , Director Risk Management Centre Strathmore Business School

Dr. Olukuru is the Head of Data Science and Analytics, Strathmore University, Business School. He is also the Director, Risk Management Centre. He is working on a number of Data science projects and trained data science programs for various companies including Kenya Airways, World Bank, KNBS, UBOS, among others. This is being done in collaboration with Oracle, IBM Kenya, SAS, SAP, Microsoft among others.
John is also the team lead of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) sponsored project on modelling extreme weather in Kenya. John was nominated twice in 2015 and 2016 as top 40 under 40 influential male personality in Kenya by the Nation Media’s Business Daily.

Joseph Theuri

Data Scientist at Dalberg Data Insights & Strathmore University

Joseph is a data scientist with 5 years experience , designing products and solutions for local and global communities that better target, implement, and evaluate their programs and initiatives. He also develops the next generation of Data Scientists for Africa both in the classroom at iLabAfrica and by conducting relevant research that tackles social challenges within Africa. Joseph is currently undertaking his Masters of Science in Analytics, Business Analytics at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Betsy Muriithi ,PhD

Research Fellow

Dr. Muriithi is an avid analytical researcher in Health and Business . She is a MSc. Data Analytics lecturer specializing in Business Intelligence. Her research interests focus on experimenting and developing ways in which data can be used to create insights that drive improvement in social service delivery. She is currently working on several projects including developing a carbon calculator tool to model Kenya’s energy system and future carbon pathway scenarios to decarbonisation, including net-zero by 2050.

Kelvin Bett

Business Intelligence Analyst

Kelvin is a data analyst with 3 years working experience. He has expertise in Python programming, SQL, and BI Tools such as Power BI and Tableau. Kelvin is also HCIA Big Data Certified. He has experience working with Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms through various projects including a Plant Disease Detection project. He is also a part time instructor for the Certificate in Data Science course, teaching the next generation of Data Scientists, Python and Big Data.

Alvin Igobwa

Business Intelligence Analyst

Alvin Igobwa is a data analyst with one and a half years of experience. He has an expertise in Python programming, R Tableau, Power Bi and QGIS. He has experience working with Machine learning models, forecasting models spatial data analysis and Deep learning algorithms through working on various projects including Flood mapping, Flood and Drought detection and prediction and Carbon emission tracking. He is also a part time instructor for the Certificate in data science course by facilitating the Machine Learning and Python classes. Alvin holds a BSc. Financial Economics and is currently pursuing his Msc. in Data Science and Analytics

Jeremy Gachanja

Business Intelligence Analyst

Jeremy is a Business Intelligence Analyst and part of the Data science unit at @iLabAfrica. He has done research on predicting adverse weather conditions specifically floods using both satellite and ground weather data in Kenya for CIPIT. He also facilitates trainings in the Certificate in Data Science (CDS) course at @iLabAfrica. He has also led the development of the excel model for the Kenya Carbon Emissions Reduction Tool (KCERT). He has been involved in data collection activities under the Trademark Project aimed at women empowerment in the SME sector. He is proficient in python, R and stata programming languages and in excel. modelling. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Data Science at Strathmore University.

Maria Ogamba

Business Intelligence Analyst

Maria Ogamba is a Business Intelligence Analyst and is part of the Data Science team at @iLabAfrica. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Computer Science from Strathmore University. With her skills in Python and Power BI, Maria has worked on creating data dashboards for TradeMark East Africa, as well as acting as a research assistant on TradeMark’s research on the impact of COVID-19 on women-owned MSMEs in East Africa. She has also worked on various POCs such as Topic Modelling of textual data and using Deep Learning to predict credit scores. She is the course coordinator for the Certificate in Data Science course and other trainings conducted by the Data Science team.

Nyamvula Chakaya

Business Intelligence Analyst

Nyamvula Chakaya is a Business Intelligence Analyst working with the iLabAfrica Data Science unit. She is a graduate from Strathmore University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Ms. Chakaya works to capture meaningful insights from the data she works on through her proficient data analysis skills. During her time at iLab, she has managed to work on various projects including dashboard development for Trade Mark East Africa and POCs such as Predictive Analytics on Deplatforming of Faith Based Organizations on Social Media Platforms. On top of analysis she also assists the team in the various trainings that iLab offers including Power Bi trainings and the Certificate in Data Science. She is a self-motivated individual who believes there is nothing impossible for one who truly enjoys working with a team of talented people.

Stacy Njimu

Data Science Project Coordinator

Stacy is a member of the Data Science Unit in iLabAfrica Centre, carrying out day to day product management duties to keep the team agile and well engaged with various stakeholders. She doubles up as the Events Coordinator for the unit to boost the visibility of the team’s work. Ms. Njimu holds a BSc. In Financial Economics from Strathmore University and Certificate in Data science.She previously Chaired the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry Strathmore Chapter.

Susan Gicheha

Data Science Intern

Susan is a member of the Data Science Unit in iLabAfrica. She is also a 4th year Computer Science student at Strathmore University. She is proficient in data visualization with Microsoft Power BI and has been involved in literature reviews for research projects such as Green Jobs. She also assists the team in trainings such as Certificate in Data Science which is offered at iLab.

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  • Belinda Mwirigi

    “Data science techniques taught in Strathmore University contribute greatly in reducing turnaround time.”

  • Anthony Ochieng

    “Instead of having to depend on human analysis, one can harness their skills in data science to automate, predict and make business decisions in any field.”

  • Joseph Theuri

    “Data can tell a story ,one that is valuable and unbiased.”

  • Dr.John Olukuru

    “Data is the new factor of production for organizational output.”