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Masters in Hospitality Business Management

The Master in Hospitality Business Management is a unique programme developed to provide the next-generation hospitality managers with in-depth knowledge and international experience to enable them to explore innovative hospitality business opportunities. The Programme provides a valuable opportunity to hospitality professionals and industry practitioners to acquire leadership and business management skills specific for the hospitality industry. The goal of the MHBM is to provide graduates with a strong skill base in ethical leadership, business acumen, sustainable management, entrepreneurship and research that need to be applied at top or mid-level management in addressing contemporary hospitality industry needs and challenges.

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Master of Science in Information Technology 

The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc. IT) programme is uniquely designed for information technology graduates who aspire to improve and broaden their technical skills as well as the leadership skills needed to design, build, integrate and manage information technology systems and programs, and consistently tune IT strategies and offerings in alignment with the enterprise’s business goals and processes while learning the application of business principles. This combined skill set offers an edge to MSc. IT graduates by giving them ability to bridge the gap between fundamental technologies and business strategies thus bringing impactful value to the business.

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Master of Science in Computing and Information Systems (MSc CIS)

The Master of Science in Computing and Information Systems (MSc CIS) programme is a conversion course designed to create a deep level of knowledge and understanding of the development, implementation, and management of information systems. Applied computer skills are emphasized to address the needs of candidates from various backgrounds wishing to build a career in Information Technology (IT) or to enable them continue in their current professions while applying the latest IT developments. 

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Master of Commerce 

The Master of Commerce (MCOM) is a programme designed for those who wish to advance academically and professionally in business science, with specializations in Strategic Management Accounting, Sustainability Accounting, Finance, Marketing, International Business Management, Management Science and Strategic Management.

The MCOM programme seeks to prepare students, not only in the academic fi­eld but also prepares graduates to manage organisations in diverse operations. The programme equips candidates with critical skills which are required in the workplace. The overall aim of the programme is to produce business scientists who are capable of handling dynamic business environment and transform their organisations. It also prepares graduates to pursue advanced research without having to undergo preparatory classes.

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Master of Applied Philosophy and Ethics

The Master of Applied Philosophy and Ethics (MAPE) is a two-year, part-time program, intended to give the base for the development of any human activity to not only improve a person’s technical ef­ficiency and effectiveness but also the general welfare of those in contact with program participants in their communities.

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Master of Science in Mathematical Finance 

The pace of change in the ­financial services sector has never been faster than it is today. Rapid technological advances combined with ever heightening customer expectations require ­firms and their employees to generate idea, calculate business cases and build prototypes faster than ever before. The Masters of Science in Mathematical Finance offered at the Institute of Mathematical SciencesStrathmore University, provides all the fundamental building blocks for a successful graduate working in an analytical role in this challenging environment.

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Master of Science in Statistical Science

Statistical skills are important in all applied sciences (life sciences, medicine and related ­fields, physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences) and are becoming increasingly so in emerging ­fields that require analysis of complex data such as marketing and fi­nance. There is a constant demand for graduates with these skills in both industry and academia.

The MSc. in Statistical Science offered at the provides an excellent balance between theory and application. The broad base of training in the important areas of statistical sciences will allow the student to successfully progress into professional employment or research.

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