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TED-Ed – Why this is my Ideal Club

TED-Ed – Why this is my Ideal Club

Joining TED-Ed was easily the best decisions I made in my First Year of university. Not only was I able to form great friendships with other students on my very first few months of university, but I was also given the opportunity to spark a creativity in me that lay dormant, to enhance my writing abilities, and to improve on my oratory skills.

TED-Ed, short for TED’s youth and education initiative, is a school club that ignites the formation of great ideas in both teachers and students. TED-Ed acts as an educational platform that allows for teachers to conduct creative classes to enhance the creative, oratory and leadership skills of all the students involved. Fortunately, this distinguished club was established in Strathmore University as of June 2015; by Dr John Branya.

Dr Branya- the Director of the Masters of Applied Philosophy and Ethics, the Director of the Centre for Academic Development at Strathmore University, and the supervisor of TED-Ed Club- encourages all students of Strathmore to become a part off the famed club. Joining TED Ed is super easy. All one needs to do is to contract Dr Branya through his school email address: jbranya@strathmore.edu.

All members of the club will undergo sessions ran by Dr Branya on what TED-Ed is, and how to go about moulding great ideas into a concisely spoken TED-style speech. After these riveting few weeks of forming an idea and creating a speech; the students will record their speeches; which will be sent off to TED-Ed New York. The most enthralling speeches, by students 18 years of age and below, will have the opportunity to fly off to New York to perform their speech to a worldwide audience.

Those above the age of 18 too have a great opportunity. They will venture to form a TED-Ed Club in a less-fortunate school within Kenya. These students become teachers in their newly founded club. The children under their wings will undergo the TED Ed lessons, and the best student-created speeches will have the opportunity to fly off to New York with their TED-ED teachers; that is, the Strathmore students. This will open them up to opportunities to be featured in trendsetting magazines and websites like the Huffington Post, Appuals, TED, Inc. among others.

All are welcome to join the remarkable TED-Ed Club; that encompasses great opportunities.

By Wabia Nganatha Karugu, First Year Law Student.


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