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Theme of the Year: Excellence 1

Imagine a day in which everything was excellent. Emails were answered on time, meetings and classes started and ended on time, class assignments were handed in promptly, top grades were attained etc. Now imagine, if that happened every day. That’s what we at Strathmore University will try to do this year. Doing Ordinary Things Excellently.

Excellence in the sanctification of work is one of the core values at Strathmore University. Deeply aware of the dignity of each human being and drawing inspiration from our founding spirit, we take pride in all honest work. Excellence is that firm commitment to be the best and to deliver the best output of whatever one undertakes. Striving for excellence drives one to aim high in all aspects of work, academics, administrative duties, study etc simply put, in whatever we are engaged in as staff members and students.

This theme challenges us to carry out ordinary things in an extraordinary manner. If carried out with perfection, excellence will distinguish those who strive to be great from the commonplace.

What does excellence look like? These few examples give an indication of possible areas for improvement:


  • Punctuality in class attendance
  • Meeting deadlines for assignments
  • Study hours that will improve one’s grades
  • Finesse in relationships with peers in family and social circles


  • Punctuality in attending classes & meetings
  • Timeliness of reports, CATS, evaluations
  • Prompt acknowledgement and response to emails
  • Follow-through and completion of tasks assigned in departments

What does NOT exemplify excellence?

  • Tardiness or lethargy
  • Substandard output in CATS, assignments, reports, low grades, plagiarism
  • Brusque and rough dealings with others around us
  • Incomplete tasks

In connecting the value of excellence with the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva, excellence in work translates to making our work holy by doing it for love of God, with the greatest possible human perfection, and offering it to God in union with Christ. This, St. Josemaria referred to, as the sanctification of work.

Let us all join hands as we map out what excellence demands of us through discussions in faculties, schools, clubs, sports and departments. Each department is encouraged to hold a meeting this month, to discuss what excellence looks like for the department, and to set goals that will help them challenge each other to get there. Nominate a champion who holds the others to account, that way, we will all make progress.

Passionately Loving the World. Ordinary People Living the Spirituality of St. Josemaria


Passionately Loving the World. Ordinary People Living the Spirituality of St. Josemaria